• Information Literacy & Technology


    Mrs. Jennifer Fredo - 6th and 7th Grade ILT Room 231

    Mrs. Katlyn Shepard - 6th and 7th Grade ILT Room 223

    Mrs. Jennifer Mullin- 6th ad 7th Grade ILT Room 243

    Information Literacy & Technology has been created to help students begin acquiring the skills and knowledge base necessary to be successful in our world today, and their world tomorrow. Students will not only learn to use a wide variety of Web 2.0 tools, but more importantly they will learn to be critical thinkers as they research, create, publish, discuss and manage technology.  ILT will help students shape their digital foot-print and reflect upon their online presence.

    This course examines the many aspects of computing and technology. Students will explore and utilize an array of sites, software, programs and tools as outlined in the Massachusetts frameworks.