Barnstable Intermediate School Art Department

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    BIS Art Department Staff 

    Michael Fellows - Fine Arts

    Jennifer Gardner-Fine Arts

    Meghan Swanson - Fine Arts


    The mission of Barnstable Intermediate Visual Arts Department is to create an experience for students where they can engage in critical thinking, problem solving, self-discovery, self-reflection, and creativity.  The application of skills students learn through art- making will enable students to actively engage with, and respond to, the visual world in which they live. These skills will also be transferable to other content areas.

    The visual arts curriculum at BIS is sequential, supporting students’ prior knowledge in understanding of skills, materials, and processes introduced at the elementary level.  This knowledge is used to build and reinforce learning that is developmentally appropriate for the students at BIS, therefore promoting higher order thinking skills.  The knowledge of materials and media students attain at BIS creates a seamless transition to the high school art curriculum. 

    A rigorous visual arts experience is essential for a well-rounded educational experience that promotes life-long learning. The Visual Arts Department at BIS fosters inquiry and curiosity where students are able to test, try, and take risks while reflecting on their own work,  enabling them to make informed choices in their art making.