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    BIS Winter Concert: Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 7PM
    featuring our Chorus, Rockapella, Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Concert Band
    Barnstable High School Performing Arts Center
    Music Memory 2016
    Barnstable Public Schools were recognized as a "2017 Best Community for Music Education" by the NAMM Foundation. More info here

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     Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Barnstable music department is to provide students with the skills needed to achieve their personal goals and become active and informed advocates for the arts.  Instrumental and choral classes are designed for the development of individual and team skills through the rehearsal and performance of appropriate musical literature. Our general music classes and music electives offer students the opportunity to enhance their musical knowledge through listening, creating, dancing, singing and performing on a variety of instruments.  The Barnstable music department is committed to providing all students with a comprehensive, rigorous and enjoyable music education.


    The music curriculum at the Barnstable Intermediate School emphasizes the development of students' skills in addition to opportunities to create, perform, and respond to music. The sixth and seventh grade curriculum includes opportunities for students to sing, play an instrument, and learn musical concepts.  Students are encouraged to become involved in the music program at all age levels.  By participating in the music program, students will:

    • Learn lifelong musical skills in making music and listening to music
    • Read music written in standard notation
    • Improvise, compose, and arrange music
    • Describe and analyze music
    • Perform with confidence and proficiency
    • Sing and play music using a varied repertoire of music in chorus, band, and/or orchestra
    • Participate in a-cappella ensembles and jazz ensemble
    • Perform at BIS and in the Performing Arts Center at BHS in addition to field trips to festivals, malls, etc.
    • Audition to participate in local and state wide festival music ensembles
    • Explore musical theater
    • Apply knowledge of the arts to the study of core academic classes