Special Education

  • The school district employs special education teachers and related service personnel to deliver specially designed instruction and services for students with disabilities based on the unique needs of a child with a disability in accordance with the accepted IEP. Each school in the district has access to special educators, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other related service personnel as may be required based on the unique needs of children with disabilities. 

    At grades 4 - 12, the school principal and other school administrators work in collaboration with the school’s Special Education Coordinator to provide oversight and daily supervision of special education personnel and services.

    Each school in the district has a person who is the primary contact for special education. The primary roles and responsibilities are summarized below. Please use the listed phone numbers to contact the appropriate person at your child’s school.

    District Special Education Office

    Contact Persons:
    Catherine Zinni, Director of Elementary Special Education (grades PK-5)
    Eric Bruinooge, Director of Secondary Special Education (grades 6 - 12+)

    The district’s Co-Directors of Special Education meet regularly with Team Chairs and Special Education Coordinators to ensure IEP implementation, accountability, and financial responsibility. The Co-Directors also supervise and evaluate related service providers, including, but not limited to speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, vision, orientation, and mobility specialists, adaptive physical education teachers, and board certified behavior analysts. 

    Grades 6-7, Barnstable Intermediate School
    508-790-6460 ext.1396

    Contact Person: Pamela Troutman, Coordinator of Special Education

    The Barnstable Intermediate School (BIS) has a Coordinator of Special Education who is responsible for:

    • Chairing team meetings.
    • Ensuring that the team process is followed.
    • Allocating district resources for the provision of special education services and resources.
    • At BIS the Coordinator of Special Education in collaboration with the school Principal supervises and evaluates special education teachers.
    • The Special Education Coordinator is the Chair of the Special Education Department at BIS.