Principal's Corner

    Mr. Scheufele



    May 21, 2018


    Dear Centerville Families,

    I just wanted to take a moment to give you all an update about the events of the last week.  The school district supplied our school with extra custodial staff on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Additionally a special machine was brought into the school to help clean. The custodians have paid extra attention to flat surfaces, door knobs, bathrooms, and the nurses office to ensure that we are cleaning everything for our return.  I am happy to let you know we only had twelve students out today and almost all of our staff here.

    There have been questions about the “Green Products” and the food that was served last week.  We asked for green products at the beginning of the school year because there were concerns about students’ exposure to some products that were brought to attention of the School Council and the PTA.   I can understand why people would come to the conclusion that the green products are the reason for the outbreak but we do not believe this was the reason for the illness. I hope this letter clears up some misperceptions about the school going green.

    While we are not having students use products that contain stronger chemicals than the green products, these more potent products are used daily in the cleaning of the school by adults.  I can assure you, we would not have moved to green products for students if the building were not being cleaned with these other products daily. In looking at the food that was served last week,  many of the people who became ill in the first twenty-four hours did not eat the food cooked in the cafeteria. In conversation with the Department of Public Health, they ruled out the food as being an area of concern.  

    I want to thank everyone for the kind words that were shared with us at the school.  The support that people gave to us at the front office was very appreciated. The decision to close school was not taken lightly and the words of support are very much appreciated. I want to acknowledge the hard work of Mr. Hunt and Mr. Pleitez our custodians.  They did an outstanding job keeping up with the needs of the school. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (508)790-9890 extension 0.

    We look forward to having an exciting last month of school as we close out the school year.


    Mr. Scheufele



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