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    December 6, 2017

    Dear Centerville Families,

    It is unbelievable to me that we are heading into the winter break in a few short weeks.  Speaking of winter, we need our students to be dressed appropriately for recess.  Please make sure your child has the appropriate jacket, gloves, and pants (lots of shorts still) so that we are able to send them outside.  We do try and have outdoor recess as much as possible to give students a good motor break and to get some fresh air.  We have had a lot of students who have not enjoyed going outside because they are not prepared.  

    Our homework initiative for this school year has been met with a good amount of positive feedback.  Please dedicate time with your child to play the math games that our teachers have taken the time to create for your child to enjoy with you.  We are also very excited about the number of reading logs being returned to school.  One word of caution, do not assume your child is reading silently.  One of the best things you can do two or three times a week is have them read out loud to you.  Even as children get older, the act of reading out loud to someone, and having you read out loud to them, is incredibly valuable in their development as readers.  Engage in conversations with them about the story and the characters.  You will not regret it when they are in the older grades and the demands of reading independently increase.

    Our PTA has been very active with fundraising and your continued support of their efforts is appreciated.  Last Friday night the PTA hosted a very successful movie night.  It was so fun to see so many of our students with their sleeping bags, pajamas, enjoying each others company and “quietly” watching the movie.  Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who helped to make this happen for our students!

    Finally, if your child is going to be absent, it is important that you call (508)790-9892 and let Mrs. Mayers know that your child will not be here.  We make phone calls daily to make sure children are safe.  It is also a good time to remind parents that your vehicles need to be turned off when picking up your child in the afternoon.  Too many accidents occur each year due to people thinking their car is in park, when it is not.  This is for students and staff safety as we bring students out to the vehicles safely.  We understand the weather is cold but the safety of our students and staff is our priority.  Thank you for your help in these matters.

    May you and your family enjoy the holiday season.

    Mr. Scheufele






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