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    The air has turned cooler, the leaves have started to fall off the trees, the tourist have left (along with the traffic), and football is in full swing.  This can only mean one thing – it’s Fall on Cape Cod! Even though the students and staff have only been back to school for a little over a month, the FY’19 budget planning has already begun.  On September 28, the School Committee and the Town Council held their annual Joint Budget Development meeting. This meeting kicked off the school budget discussion, development, and planning that will continue until the budget is adopted in June 2018.   

    Although the budget discussions and development have already started for the FY’19 school year, our focus is steadily in the present school year.  On August 28, the school district staff as a whole came together for the opening day Convocation prior to the students first day of school.  The theme to this year’s Convocation was “Hopes and Dreams.”  We asked all staff member to write down their hopes and dreams for their students this year on 3x5 index cards.  These cards were delivered to their respective schools where students can see what their teachers and others in their schools hope and dream for them this coming year including:

    “I hope our students know the satisfaction that comes from working hard to make dreams a reality.”

    “My dream is that every student in the classroom feels they are an important part of our classroom community - that they BELONG.”

    “My hope for my students is to see that learning can be fun even when it is hard.”

    “My hope is that no student ever doubts themselves and that they know their worth.”

    “My hope is to inspire my students to express themselves on their way to find their true selves.”

    “I hope my students will see their world in a new way.”

    “My hope is that my students will be brave.  Brave enough to try. Brave enough to fail.  Brave enough to try again.”

    “My hope and dream for my students is that they will feel success and be proud of their accomplishments this school year.”

    “My hope is that our students remember that every day is a new day.”

    Staff's Hopes and Dream        Staff's Hopes and Dreams

    As I reflect on my staff’s hopes and dreams for their students this year, I would like to offer that my hope and dream is that all Barnstable students feel challenged, respected, and loved.



  • The Barnstable Public Schools educates the whole child by creating a student centered school culture that addresses students' physical, social, emotional, and academic needs by creating a safe and healthy learning environment in which students are challenged, supported, and engaged.