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    Welcome to the Barnstable United Elementary Band page! 

    This year promises to be an exciting year for instrumental music in Barnstable! Learning to play an instrument teaches discipline, problem solving skills, improves the ability to concentrate, and develops leadership and initiative. It also instills a sense of accomplishment and confidence that can change a child's view of themselves and their potential. Whether at Barnstable United, BIS, or BHS, your child will receive expert instruction from the music teachers at each school. 

    Parents: We are welcoming new instrumental students in addition to those who have played in the past. If you own an instrument, please return this form to the band/orchestra teacher at your school and your student will be scheduled for a group lesson/rehearsal during the school day. For those students who do not own an instrument, Goulet & Company will supply high quality instruments for rental. You may rent an instrument for as long as you wish, with all rental payments applied to the purchase price. You are not renting an instrument from the school.

    Barnstable United Elementary School - Instrument Rental Night

    Instrument rental night coming...check back here for more details.

    Our decision to use Goulet & Company is based upon their history of providing students with high quality instruments, excellent repair services and a comprehensive rent-to-own program. We caution you in purchasing instruments from department stores, other non-music retail outlets and websites such as eBay. To rent an instrument, we are having a meeting at the Barnstable United Elementary School gym on in September, 2018. Please keep an eye out for more details. There will be a brief overview of the band and orchestra programs, followed by an introduction to the rent-to-own program. Our goal is for everyone to go home with an instrument that evening. In addition to signing a contract for an instrument, you will also be able to purchase the following items: lesson book, wire music stand, reeds and other accessories. Lesson books are required for 4th & 5th grade students. Goulet & Company will require cash or a check to secure the instrument rental and purchase the above mentioned accessories.


    Class Schedule

     Band class schedules for the the school year are to be announced. Please check back!


    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Dan Felix - Grades 4-5 Band



    For recordings of the songs in our lesson book, please go to


    What Instrument Are You Playing?

    Please download and print out this form if you are interested in playing an instrument at BUES. Fill in the form and return it to school as soon as you can!


    Play your instrument every day!!
    Practice, practice, practice!!


     Check this out!!!!

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      Band Blast

    BandBlast is an interactive, easy-to-use curriculum based learning tool for anyone who wants to learn how to play an instrument. BandBlast is completely free with no in-app purchases, no mandatory data collection or no advertisements. BandBlast contains fun and innovative rhythm and pitch games, real life studio recording capabilities, and instructional videos from some of the top Philharmonic and studio musicians in the world. BandBlast is a well thought out and executed learning system that follows first year band and orchestra curriculums. BandBlast will teach you how to play flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, and trombone.

    Here are some tools we will be using this year to make us better musicians.

    I will show you these in school.
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    Above all, Rhythm Cat is an entertaining game with a great soundtrack to play along to, but it also has the added benefit of teaching you how to read the most commonly used music rhythms, with levels that build up progressively. A fun way for beginners to get past the most challenging and often discouraging introduction to reading music. Developed in collaboration with professional musicians and educators.
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    StaffWars is a game designed to help beginning and intermediate musicians learn, practice and woodshed the note names of the treble, alto and bass clefs.