Welcome to the Barnstable United Elementary Orchestra page!


    Dear 4th & 5th Parents and Guardians,

    I would like to welcome you and your student to the Barnstable Public School’s fine instrumental music program.  Involvement in music can be a very rewarding experience and I look forward to assisting your student in learning a musical instrument this year.

    This year in Strings your child will be instructed on:

    • Proper playing technique for his or her instrument
    • How to care for and clean his or her instrument
    • Terms and symbols for interpreting music
    • Performing simple melodies alone and with other students
    • Performing in 2 public concerts (Winter & Spring)

    String classes meets every Tuesday during the regular school day in preparation for our Winter and Spring concerts. Please encourage your student with his or her practice time, just as you would any other homework.  Positive reinforcement at home can make playing a musical instrument even more rewarding. Students must practice at least 15 minutes per day at home. Please note: instruments may not be left at school under any circumstances.

    The method book we use in strings is Essentials Elements 2000 for Strings Book I, which is available at any music store for about $10.  Be sure to purchase the correct book for your student’s instrument.  Your child has just had his or her first few meetings for strings, so now is a good time to select and obtain your student’s instrument and book if you haven’t done so already.

     Barnstable United Elementary School

    Instrument Rental Night...check back for details!


    We are welcoming new instrumental students in addition to those who have played in the past. For those students who do not own an instrument, Goulet & Company will supply high quality instruments for rental. You may rent an instrument for as long as you wish, with all rental payments applied to the purchase price.

    To rent an instrument, we are having a meeting at the Barnstable United Elementary School. There will be a brief overview of the band and orchestra programs, followed by an introduction to the rent-to-own program.  Our goal is for everyone to go home with an instrument that evening. In addition to signing a contract for an instrument, you will also be able to purchase your lesson book ($10-$12) and wire music stand ($13). Lesson books are required for all students.  Goulet & Company will require cash or a check to secure the instrument rental and purchase the above mentioned accessories.

    Rental Prices for 2017:

    Group 1 (Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, Viola)

    $24.25 a month (includes tax and insurance)

    Group 2 (Alto Saxophone, Cello)

    $40.50 a month (includes tax and insurance)

    If you have any questions, please contact the following teachers:



    Robin Nickerson     508-790-6460 x135 (grades 4-7 Orchestra)



    Laura Gill               508-420-2272 x114 (Grade K-5 Department Head)


    I look forward to meeting you and having an amazing school year! 
    Robin Nickerson 
    Please call Goulet & Co. with any rental questions.

    Goulet & Company, Inc.

    110 Corporate Park Drive

    Pembroke, MA 02359