College Admissions Testing

  • While some colleges/universities do not require standardized test scores anymore (See link to FairTest below), many use them as one of the indicators of a student's predicted success in college. The two that are used for college admissions are the SAT and the ACT – each testing students a little differently and both being accepted equally at all colleges and universities.  
    As all students are different and may perform differently on tests, it is encouraged, if possible, to take both the ACT and SAT to determine if one would be better than the other to send to colleges.  If students choose to just take one of the exams and are unsure which to take, the student should consult with her/his parents and school counselor.
    If students qualify and receive free or reduced lunch, they should see their school counselor for a waiver to register for either test.
  • SAT and ACT Preparation

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  • FairTest