Gateway Competitive Programs

Competitive Programs

  • Gateway sponsors and supports Future Problem Solving and Scenario Writing, Destination Imagination, and Mock Trial as formal competitive programs, and may run other less formal opportunities at various grade levels.



    Future Problem Solving is our most competitive all-around academic program. Visit the Future Problem Solving webpage. Students begin in grades 4-5 investigating community problem solving opportunities, begin training for competition in grade six, and teams of four compete in grades 7 - 12. Students must use advanced research skills, teamwork, critical and creative thinking over 17 specific categories, and follow a model to solve a futuristic problem.  For more information,on FPS at Barnstable High School, please contact Christy Salley.  For information about FPS at Barnstable Intermediate School, please contact Deb Contrino.  For information about FPS at Barnstable United Elementary School, please contact Jeane Bogosian,   


    Distination Imagination is our after school creative problem solving program that is coached by trained parent volunteers.  Destination Imagination has been part of the Gateway Program for 30 years. Barnstable Public Schools supports teams in three competitive levels and one non-competitive, primary level.  Students choose one of five Central Challenges, presenting their amazing solutions via an 8-minute skit that solves the problem and showcases their creative talents.  They also compete in an Instant Challenge, where they must react spontaneously with their team to solve a problem.  New teams are formed at the beginning of the school year, prior to the first DI Manager Training session. For more information regarding Destination Imagination, please contact the DI Coordinator, Lynore Frew., or visit the Destination Imagination Gateway page.  


    Mock Trial is offered by the Massachusetts Bar Association with support from the Barnstable Gateway Program at the high school level.  We use the same format to run a program in Grade 8, and prepare students for that experience in Grades 6 and 7 through a variety of written and public speaking experiences. For more information about Mock Trial at Barnstable High School, please contact Bruce Colwell,, Andrew Vince,, or visit the Mock Trial Gateway page

    Please use the links below to learn more about these competitive programs. 

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