Mrs. Kenney's Kindergarten News

  • March 6, 2020


    Dear Families:

    The highlight of last couple of weeks was a puppet show performed by Miss Mary and her many puppet friends.  We were very excited to find out that she will be coming back several more times to help us make our own puppets and to help us create our own puppet show.  On Monday we enjoyed celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading, rhyming, listening to and watching videos of Dr. Seuss books. High school guest readers read to our class and we were able to pick out a book to take home for RIF day.  And as a special treat to end the week, we earned an extra recess as a class reward. We are working together to help each other and ourselves learn to our greatest potential and to behave respectfully, responsibly and safely in school.  

    Language Arts

    In our reading series we are finishing up our unit on weather and focused on the letter Dd by reading Duck, Duck, Moose and Dinosaur Bones.  We filled our Dd box, learned about the dictionary, added with ducks, dominos and dice, drew pictures and played with our dollhouse. We also focused on the letter Vv by reading The Velveteen Rabbit and Splash into Weather.   We made a V poster, listed vegetables, estimated valentine hearts and read about volcanoes. Through these stories and our practice readers we are learning several new sight words including to, do, me, we. We also continue to practice rhyming as we found many funny rhymes in the Dr. Seuss books we were reading.

    In writing workshop we continue to practice using our own unique voice when we write.  We learned that when we explain how we feel (our emotions) we bring our personal voice into our writing. We then brainstormed and identified different emotions and we each wrote and illustrated a short story which we celebrated and shared with our class. 


    In math we experimented together to create several class addition books to help us determine all the combinations to 5 and 10.  We used unifix cubes to help us notice the ‘staircase’ pattern that develops when we find all the possible combinations. We then worked with partners to make a poster demonstrating that the ‘staircase’ pattern occurs regardless of the number we are experimenting with.  We also played several domino and dice games to help us learn to decompose numbers in entertaining ways. In science we read many books about the weather and how our 5 senses help us experience what is happening around us during each season.


    The next report card will be going home on March 13th.  There are no longer March conferences, but I am happy to meet with any parents who would like to discuss the report card or any aspect of their child’s learning.  I am available most mornings at 8:15 or Monday/Wednesday/Friday afterschool. If you would like to meet with me, just send a note in your child’s folder with your preferred day and time and I will set up a schedule.  We are being especially cautious this year preventing the spread of germs! We are washing heads frequently, keeping our hands away from our faces and are washing tables and commonly touched items frequently. We have literally have “blown” through our supply of Kleenex and disinfectant wipes.  Any donations would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Reminder: Wednesday, March 12 will be a half day for students; parent pick-up will be at 11:45.

    Future Themes and Events

    We will continue our unit on the seasons as winter is thankfully about to close and spring is almost here.  We will also read new stories in our reading series, focus on the vowel e, learn new sight words, illustrate and write rhymes in our own Green Eggs and Ham book, enjoy the first day of spring, write a peace poem, learn how to solve word problems in math, find Ireland on our world map, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, mix colors, make puppets and several other activities to make learning interesting and fun.  


    Thanks for all your support at home and remember to read nightly!!!