Ms. Robtoy’s Class Newsletter

  • March 2, 2020


    Room 24 has been working hard at reviewing expectations to be a successful learner! We have been talking about keeping problems small, communicating with our friends when needed, and trying our best work always. We have also been talking about what it means to do something on accident and have empathy. Reviewing this with your Kindergartener at home would be super helpful for them in the classroom


    * There is a half day on March 11th (be on the lookout for a reminder in your child’s red folder)

    * Please pack a warm coat, gloves/mittens and a hat as much as possible. Students go outside throughout the winter.

    *Please try and read with your child as much as you can throughout the week! It makes them become stronger, fluent readers! If you return a signed book sent home, your child will get a homework check! When they get 6, they are able to pick a prize from the treasure box!

    *Sneakers are needed on TUESDAY’s for gym class please!

    *Please try your best to check your child’s RED FOLDER every night Lots of important information is sent home in it.

    *SIGHT WORDS TO PRACTICE AT HOME: the, this, is, my, a, I, like, see, look, for, here, you, what, do, to. Writing them on index cards or paper and posting them in your child’s room is a wonderful way for them to memorize them!

    *New letters to practice writing and recognizing sounds: L, D, V, E.


    News to Share:  

    *March birthday celebration will be held in our classroom on Friday, March 27th. If your child has a birthday in February and you would like to bring in a pre-packaged healthy snack to share with the class, we would love it and love to celebrate them!

    * We will be having a guest puppeteer coming in on March 10th during the day! Later in the month we will be making our own puppets

    *Family Bingo Night hosted by Title 1 will be on March 18th! Be on the lookout for details in your child’s red folder! It will be a fun night!

    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions/concerns regarding your child! You can contact me through the school phone, the bloomz app or my email:

    All the best to you and your families,

    Ms. Robtoy

    Ms. Crossley