Ms. Duran's News

  • March 12, 2020


    First Things First!

    Thank you very much for attending the presentation, “Listen, Listen, As We Raise Our Voices!”  You provided an authentic audience for your children  & grandchildren as they shared their dreams for our community and the world.  Believe me, I understand how difficult it can be to get time out of work during the day.  Your support is an integral part of your child’s education. I help them to realize that when family cannot be there, it is not by choice. “Thank You for all of the love and support!” Thank you especially for making it to the School Committee Meeting at Barnstable TOWN HALL.  

    The students received a standing ovation, and were written up in the Cape Cod Times.

    Go To: Town of Barnstable Website: Channel 18 Videos School Committee Meeting 3/4/20.

    Here is the link.      Listen, Listen, As We Raise Our Voices!


    The theme for UNIT 5 in our REACH FOR READING series is CHANGES IN NATURE.

    There will be a lot of new vocabulary for all of our learners, especially our English language learners.  We will utilize the vocabulary games on the REACH website to reinforce understanding of selected words and their meanings.  Take time to study the spelling words this week as they are challenging! The theme of nature lends itself well to using visualization as a skill to reinforce comprehension.  Descriptive writing will focus on subjects in nature, and Peace. Students will also learn to write poetry , using a multitude of poetic devices. Science is incorporated throughout this unit, as we learn about patterns and cycles in nature, such as day and night, and the seasons. In addition, we made a sun dial and an iMovie to show the process!  Science is a favorite subject in Second Grade. I will work to nurture their curiosity! Continue to read every night with your child. Take time each day to study the spelling words each week. Their reading is improving each day.



    The summative assessment for Family Ages Timeline will be sent  home. We have moved on to Geometry, an all time favorite in Grade 2.  Students are planning a miniature city. This week we will think, plan, design and build original polygon cities, using paper nets that are folded into 3D prisms and placed on the mapped out city plan.  I am so excited!!!

    Take every opportunity at home to observe  and discuss 2D and 3D shapes at home and in the community.  It is so much fun! Your children love school and I love teaching them.

    * Memorize Addition and Subtraction Math Facts to 20 to make calculating a breeze!!!


    Believe it or not, we are finishing up THE SECOND TRIMESTER!  Report cards go home this Friday. If you would like to meet to discuss the grades please send a note in red communication folder and I will set up a conference any day after school.  


    Home + School = Success at HYWEST!


    Ms. Duran