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June 2024 BUES Newsletter

  • From the desk of Mrs. Clark

    Working with your amazing children has been a fantastic start to my Gateway experience!  Each day I was greatly impressed by these talented students!  It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and working with the children of BUES Gateway!

    Advanced Math News

    Tier 2 Math  

    Many students were very active in Tier 2 Math this year!  I was so pleased to see so many take the initiative to attempt, complete, and sometimes even retry this independent, optional extension work!

    Tier 3 Math 

    4th Grade: 

    We finished up our Algebra by designing “stores” which had their price lists written in equations with 1 or even 2 variables!  While solving each other’s equations was challenging, the most beneficial part was creating the equations themselves - it certainly stretched their magnificent brains in a different direction!  Next up we worked with the Order of Operations to solve increasingly complex expressions!  Students did an excellent job applying their new skills in order to crack the code and successfully complete an advanced escape room exercise.  We finished up with an introduction to the algorithm (“old school” math) for multi-digit multiplication.  They quickly grasped and appreciated the efficient process!

    5th Grade: 

    After experiencing great success with fractions, we moved on to a variety of challenges!  Students used their understanding of numbers, multiplicative comparison, and the tried and true strategy of “trial and error” to solve the “Down on the Farm” problem.  It was awesome to witness their determination and skill!  Students were also exposed to the strategy of “long division”, which they learned is not very long at all!  They made terrific, quick gains with this process - many loving the efficiency!  We put this new skill to the test navigating a challenging escape room activity!   One of our final lessons took us outside to the track!  We used a trundle wheel to measure the distance of our track in meters.  Students then converted this distance to feet and laps per mile.  We then timed willing runners as they completed a lap and converted this time to minutes to mile - lots of math and lots of fun with real world application!

    Tier 3 STEM News

    Grade 4:

    How far can you launch a Peep?  Students were challenged to use their knowledge of simple machines, and potential and kinetic energy to build a catapult that could launch a peep as far as possible.  In cooperative pairs young engineers followed all steps of the engineering design process to build successful catapults using limited materials!  The furthest launch went 16 feet!!  Our final project took us outside to the playground to look closely at Science in Motion!  After identifying simple machines at work, we took to the slide to test Newton’s Laws of Motion, friction, and gravity.  Students changed and controlled what forces they could to have the slowest and fastest journeys down the slide.  The slowest went over 8 minutes, white the fastest was 1.1 seconds!!


    Grade 5:  

    We began our journey through the Engineering Design Process by researching simple machines and Rube Goldberg machines together.  We even had the opportunity to experiment with parts of a real manufactured Marble Run. Students were then challenged to create their own marble runs that would produce the “slowest ride”.  It was awesome to watch these young engineers work diligently through the process.  They spent much time creating, testing, and improving each component.  The final products were great!  The slowest ride took 18.4 seconds!


  • From the desk of Ms. Rezendes

    Advanced ELA News

    Tier 2 ELA

    Grades 4 and 5

    In our Tier 2 ELA Google Classroom, fourth and fifth graders have been diving into exciting extension activities that align with their final ELA units. Fourth graders have been exploring the concept of treasure, defining it and discovering tales of renowned treasure seekers. Meanwhile, fifth graders have been discussing the topic of trash, exploring inventive methods to reduce waste and brainstorming ideas to conserve water. Additionally, Tier 2 students have been engaging in a range of creative writing tasks, from crafting imaginative poetry to tackling problem-solving challenges that encourage innovative thinking. It's been wonderful to witness their enthusiasm for these new classroom additions, fostering their creativity and problem-solving skills in the process.

    Tier 3 Advanced ELA 

    Grade 4

    I’m excited to share the fantastic work our Grade 4 Tier 3 ELA students have been up to lately. We've been diving into our final novel Inside Out and Back Again, and the students have been busy wrapping up their final projects. They've been putting their own spin on things, showing off their creativity and skills. From designing book covers inspired by the story to digging into the Vietnam War's backstory, students have been exploring all kinds of angles. They've been learning about Tet celebrations, getting into character with some interviews, mapping out Ha's journey, and even trying their hand at visualizing poetry from the novel. Now, they're gearing up to show off their hard work to the rest of the class. It has been such a pleasure getting to know the Grade 4 students and seeing them grow through reading, writing, discussions, and these final projects. Their creativity and hard work has been truly inspiring. Have a wonderful summer!

    Grade 5

    In Grade 5 Tier 3 ELA our final novel, The War That Saved My Life, has been the centerpiece of our recent explorations, and I'm thrilled to share the exciting projects our students have been immersed in. From stepping into the shoes of journalists and crafting their own news articles about World War 2 to researching wartime fashion and curating virtual fashion shows, they've dived deep into historical contexts. Others have crafted historical fiction pieces inspired by the novel's setting, shedding light on unique perspectives and stories. The students have also delved into the intricacies of clubfoot, the disability of the main character Ada, while breathing life into minor characters through the creation of backstories. Some students have dared to craft sequels and pen captivating book trailer scripts, extending the narrative. Throughout these projects, students will have the chance to share their creations with their classmates and celebrate their hard work! It's been an absolute joy witnessing their growth, creativity, and boundless curiosity throughout fourth and fifth grade. As we bid farewell to this exceptional group of students, I extend my gratitude for your support and encouragement. Here's to an incredible summer filled with relaxation, adventure, and endless possibilities. Best wishes for the next chapter of your student's academic journey!

    Tier 3 Future Problem Solving

    Grade 5

    In our Future Problem Solving classes, both groups have been working diligently on their final projects. Group 1 collaborated to develop and plan a video informing the school community about beach waste and ocean pollution, highlighting why it is an issue and what students can do to help. Group 2 focused on the problem of food waste, creating a video script that explains why it is a concern and how students can make a difference. We are in the process of finishing up both videos and will share them with you soon! I am incredibly proud of both groups for embracing the creative problem-solving process and tackling challenges at every step. Have a wonderful summer!