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GATEWAY May 2024 Newsletter

  • GATEWAY Transition Steps for Next School Year 

    During this time of year, we begin to identify supports for students to best meet their needs for the next school year. 

    Is my child in GATEWAY?

    YES!  GATEWAY services are for all students in Barnstable Public Schools.  

    When K-7 students are recommended by either a staff member, family, or even advocacy from the student, the GATEWAY department begins reviewing information about the student's interests, learning styles, and performance in the current and previous grades.  Students in grades K-7 are then provided support based on their interests and/or academic needs.  The supports range from interest enrichment (Tier 1) to academic extension (Tier 2), and academic advanced instruction (Tier 3)  See the GATEWAY Manuals for more information.  

    *GATEWAY at Barnstable High School provides students in grades 8-12 opportunities to participate in competitive clubs for Mock Trial, Future Problem Solving, and Scenario Writing.

    How will I know if my child is receiving tiered support in GATEWAY?

    Formal identification letters are shared with students and families if a student is identified for advanced instruction, Tier 3.  This is due to the separate class setting, advanced curriculum, and instruction provided by the GATEWAY specialist. If your child is identified for academic extensions (Tier 2) or interest enrichment (Tier 1) students and families will receive information about the support.  Tiers 1 and 2 are forms of differentiation within the regular education classroom aided by the GATEWAY specialist(s). 

    When will I be informed if my child is identified for tier 3 support?

    Identification and support is on-going throughout the school year and is a fluid process.  If a student is identified for Tier 3 support, a letter is sent home at the time of identification. 

    Every May the GATEWAY department, in collaboration with classroom teachers, re-evaluate the supports and determines best placements for the following year.  Letters are sent home to students at the beginning of the next school year stating the tiered support determined.  Please note the placement is monitored on a regular basis by GATEWAY and educators.  Any changes in services are communicated to the family.

    How do families collaborate with GATEWAY?

    Families are encouraged to share about their child’s interests and talents by contacting staff, submitting information via forms available on the GATEWAY webpage, and responding to questions within the monthly surveys. 

    Action Information Message (translations for Spanish and Portuguese are within the form)

    GATEWAY Family Survey: Available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

  • Community Corner

    Each newsletter we will post a question and share responses/feedback from the previous question. 

    Don't miss this opportunity to share your answers!

    From the March newsletter:

    In our last newsletter we asked:

    Are there interests your child would like to explore that are not listed on the GATEWAY Student Page?


    Here are a few responses:


    “New languages, drama, more science and history”


    "Engineering - figuring how things work, putting things together and apart"


    Thank you for the suggestions!  We will work to add opportunities for these interests to the web page. 


    May questions: 

    • How can we improve communication about GATEWAY?

    • What would you like to see or know more about in future newsletters from GATEWAY?

    Share your answer here

    Thank you, we appreciate your input!