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Elementary Gateway October 2023 Newsletter

  • Gateway (Gifted and Talented Education With All Youth) Mission:    

    To support all students through talent development and to identify, challenge, and encourage academically advanced and creative learners.

    Hello Families!

    The Gateway Team has been working with Tier 3 students.  Students in grades 1-3, who are identified using multiple measures, will receive Tier 3 pull out, targeted instruction during the intervention block one day per week within a 7 week rotation cycle.  Students will be supported in academic and social emotional learning designed to challenge their creative and critical thinking abilities and build resilience.  

    We use the Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) program to challenge students.  PETS follows the taxonomy outlined by Dr. Benjamin Bloom, presenting lessons in analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.  Throughout our lessons, students will explore the different characteristics of convergent, divergent, evaluative, and visual thinking.

    Our lessons often involve puzzle-type activities that require students to exercise their brains.  We look forward to our future “workouts” with students!

    STEM Week ~ October 16th - 20th

    STEM Week is a statewide effort to boost the interest, awareness and ability of all students to see themselves in STEM opportunities.  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics learning opportunities are all around us.  We hope you find some authentic moments at home to explore the amazing world of STEM.


    Mrs. Tabor and Mrs. Zontini