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GATEWAY Department Newsletter for March 2023

  • School-Wide Enrichment for ALL

    Since each learner is unique, opportunities based on abilities, interests, and learning styles are key to supporting growth and ensuring enjoyment in learning.  One way students can access enrichment is through the GATEWAY Student Web Page.

    GATEWAY Web Pages

    There is a district Gateway website with program information for all schools in Barnstable.

    To access the websites:

    1. Go to the Barnstable Public Schools Website.

    2. Select “Departments” in the menu bar.

    3. Choose “GATEWAY” from the drop-down menu.

    Within the website there will be three main pages:  


    The Family Page and Staff Page will provide program information and helpful links.

    The Student Page has links for surveys and enrichment opportunities based on interests.

    Students can also access this page in Clever. 

  • We would like to hear from you!

    Please complete this brief survey to let us know how we can support you and your child. 

    March GATEWAY Family Survey