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Gateway Department Newsletter

  • GATEWAY Department Newsletter November 2022

    All students in Barnstable have talents and interests to be celebrated and developed!

    Is my child in GATEWAY?

    GATEWAY is available for ALL students in Barnstable K-12.  The specific question to ask is which tiered support in GATEWAY is my child currently receiving?  

    Tier 1 

    Interest Enrichment   

    Tier 2

    Core Academic Extension & Enrichment

    Tier 3

    Pull-out Targeted Advanced Instruction

    All students in grades K-7 have three tiers for support.  

    All students have the opportunity to receive enrichment based on their individual interests. Students, families, and/or staff members can submit an Action Information Message, complete surveys under the student tab on the website, and/or reach out to the GATEWAY teacher for additional resources. Students can access many links for enrichment and exploration on the GATEWAY Enrichment and Extension Resources webpage.  The page further breaks down interest enrichment and academic enrichment opportunities. 

    • Interest Enrichment: Career, Arts, Technology, and various interest topics

    • Academic Enrichment: English Language Arts, math, science, and social studies. 

    Some examples of the enrichment links include: 

    • Learn How to Write Code (Technology)

    • Piskel - Editor for Animation (Technology)

    • Science Careers (Careers)

    • US History (Social Studies)

    Tier 2 – Core Academic Extensions

    Students who are exceeding the grade level standards may receive additional support to enrich their learning in their classroom.  Enrichment may be based on interest level and/or added rigor to the grade-level standards. GATEWAY has multiple resources for teachers in Barnstable Public Schools to aid in this differentiation.  Staff have the opportunity to request materials by contacting the GATEWAY teacher or Teaching and Learning office.

    Tier 3 – Pull-out Targeted Advanced Instruction

    Students who are identified using multiple measures receive pull-out, targeted instruction by the GATEWAY Teacher.   

    GATEWAY at Barnstable High School

    All students attending Barnstable High School have the opportunity to participate in a tier 1 support featured in two academic, competitive clubs; Mock Trial and Future Problem Solving.