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    Innovation Pathways are programs within Massachusetts high schools that are designed to connect students to learning to a broadly defined industry sector that is in demand in the regional and state economy. Schools leverage strong partnerships with employers to provide students career awareness and work-based learning activities.

    Innovation Pathway Programs are Rooted in 5 Guiding Principles:

    1. Equitable Access - Open enrollment, no GPA requirements
    2. Guided Academic Pathways - Clear sequence of academic courses
    3. Enhanced Student Support - Individual supports
    4. Connection to Career - Mentors, Internships, Guest Speakers
    5. Effective Partnerships - Local, regional and national connections
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    BHS Business Partners:

    • MBA Research and Curriculum Center:  Not-for-profit, research-based support for all Business Administration educators: entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/administration, and marketing.