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BUES October 2021 Newsletter

  • Tier 2 ELA News

    Tier 2 Grade 4

    The fourth graders are adjusting well to life in tier 2 Gateway.  We have started our extensions and enrichment activities on the REACH for Reading stories in unit one.  The first one, A Musical Journey, featured an interview of an advocate for Gabon .  Students have been busy researching and reading about Gabon, a land rich in music, culture and natural resources.

    Tier 2 Grade 5

    Fifth graders have taken a trip from Mexico to California with Amara, main character of My Diary from Here to There.  Students completed choice assignments  to extend and enrich the skills taught in this story, as well as the themes and setting.  The extension activities ranged from researching  food items, such as pan dulce and tamales, to using google earth to track Amara’s journey from Mexico to California and finding landmarks along the way!

    Tier 3 Advanced ELA News

    Grade 5 Advanced ELA

    We have been busy bees in tier three Ela!!! The fifth graders are well underway in our first novel, Lucky Broken Girl, By Ruth Behar. As a whole group and in smaller partnerships, we’ve been exploring the novel’s characters, their relationships, and the setting, Queens York in the 1950’s.  Students have made excellent connections to other novels they’ve read, thus far.  Next up, we will integrate journaling, poetry and personal narrative writing to accompany this novel. 

    Tier 3 Future Problem Solving 

    Grade 5 Future Problem Solving

    Fifth grade future problem solvers are working hard to identify and support a community problem here in Barnstable.  Over the next few weeks we will compose research questions and begin identifying sources. Stay tuned! 

    Tier 2 Math News

    The focus of 4th grade Gateway for the first term has been getting to know students, their learning styles, and their abilities. Tier 2 students have been pulled once a week to learn how to use the Google Classroom effectively.  They’ve learned about factors, square numbers, prime numbers, and composite numbers. They have applied their knowledge by completing assignments in Google Classroom.  

    When term 2 begins, we will start our Tier 3 pull out groups for Math and STEM. You will receive notification if your child is in either class. Tier 2 students will continue to have access to Google Classroom, but they will remain in their homerooms to complete the assignments. I will check in with them and provide feedback online and in person.

    Tier 3 Advanced Math News

    Grade 5 Advanced Math 

    To start the year, students reviewed Order of Operations (PEMDAS) and practiced simplifying expressions using order of operations. Next, they brainstormed what they knew about numbers and discussed a Real Numbers Venn Diagram, which includes Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Integers, and Rational numbers. They identified that fractions are rational numbers, which is the focus of our first unit. In this unit students will apply their knowledge of fraction concepts, which include equivalencies, renaming, comparing, ordering, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing in order to solve a variety of problems and participate in several activities.

    Tier 3 STEM News

    Grade 5 STEM

    For the first class, students were introduced to the engineering design process to complete a challenge. They competed against each other in a timed challenge to create a cup out of one sheet of paper which would hold the most amount of water for 10 seconds.  Once they found a design that worked, groups tested different types of paper and analyzed the results. Currently, they have been hired by the Pacific Ocean Liner Company to build a boat that will carry as many jewels as possible across the ocean. After testing a variety of materials to determine their buoyancy, students researched several terms related to buoyancy, which include mass, density, volume, surface area, and displacement. Next, students will design their Ocean Liners, complete a budget, and purchase the materials. Let the building begin!