Summer Reading Grade 7-12 Header
  • Why Read in the Summer? 

    We Want BPS Students to:

    • Read for enjoyment - it shouldn’t feel like homework! 
    • Find something you are passionate about and learn more about it 
    • Foster a culture and love of literacy in Barnstable Public Schools 

    Dear Families,

    We strongly believe that all students should practice their literacy skills by reading throughout the summer. That being said, we as a department are not assigning mandatory summer reading, except for our Advanced Placement courses due to the breadth of material needed to prepare for the exams in May. Our first priority coming into a new school year is welcoming our students and fostering relationships in the classroom. Because not everyone has equitable access to summer reading, and because we welcome new students and families to the community throughout the entire year, we believe a summer reading curriculum can divide rather than unite a class at the start of the year. 

    We are passionate about helping students understand how reading can positively impact their lives by increasing your vocabulary, strengthening the brain, and - most importantly- building empathy. The best way to do this is by encouraging students to find those texts that they want to read, discover subjects they are passionate about, and create the curiosity that will support their development as lifelong readers. 

    We can’t wait to hear about what you discover this summer. See you in the fall!


Reading Suggestions & Resources:

How Will I Share What I’m Reading?

  • In September, students will receive project  choices from their English teachers. Your teachers look  forward to learning how you engaged with literacy in the summer months! Here are some ways you can share: 

    • Start a Book Club: With your friends and family,  select a common book and have a virtual or socially  distanced meeting to discuss! There are many options  for discussion questions included with the BPS  suggested read list 
    • Keep a Journal: Record your thoughts, reactions, and  questions about what you read.  
    • Keep a Quote Diary: Keep track of the interesting  quotes from your books and articles so you remember  them in September 
    • Write a Review: Tell other readers what you thought  about your book via Good Reads 
    • Follow the Author: Find the author on social media  and leave a post or comment telling them about your  experience with the text