• Student Mobile Device Information

    • Students must log in to their Google Account to use their device. Do NOT use  “Guest mode”. This device is monitored and filtered by Securly. (Families can visit Securly to learn more about how it works and view the privacy policy.)

    • The device issued to you by the school is only to be used for educational purposes. 
      • Discuss with your child what it means to be a “digital citizen” and what it means to use a technology device as a STUDENTS AT SCHOOL vs any technology that they may use at home. Common Sense/What Parents Need to Know (commonsense.org) has several resources for families. If both school and home provide a united front about STUDENTS, SCHOOL, AND SCHOOL DEVICES, we can provide proper support for students to learn the skills of digital citizenship.

    • Encourage your child to develop a routine surrounding their use of technology:
      • Your child is responsible for bringing the device to and from school each day. There are no loaners to use for the day, so your child will be at a disadvantage if they forget their device. Have your student keep the device near their backpack, near the door, etc. The Chromebook has a military grade cover on it, but screens can still be broken if stuffed into a backpack full of books. The cover has a handle if they choose to carry the Chromebook to school. 
      • Charge the device at night, and leave your charger at home, fully charged. This device has a 10 hour battery life.
      • Do not allow your child to take the Chromebook to bed with him/her!

    • We encourage you to teach your child to care for their mobile device; we find if the expectations are taught, children rise to the challenge! 
      • Keep the COVER on at all times. 
      • Carry the device carefully.
      • Keep food and drinks away from your device.
      • Use your Chromebook on a solid surface (like a desk or table).
      • Shut down your device at LEAST once a week. (So updates can be applied)
      • Clean the screen ONLY with a soft cloth or cloth made specifically for LCD screens. (See additional handout.)
      • The keyboard can be cleaned and sanitized with an alcohol wipe (COVID) or a wipe specifically made for technology hardware. 

    Insurance Coverage (optional)

    Barnstable Public Schools is strongly suggesting that families opt into the optional insurance coverage through WORTH INSURANCE.

    • The insurance covers unlimited repairs. This is a voluntary program and families are encouraged, but not required, to participate. If the insurance is not purchased, families will be financially responsible for all damages and loss up to the full replacement cost associated with such loss or damage to the Chromebook/Apple iPad and will be invoiced through MySchoolBucks. The district highly recommends that families do make a direct payment to Worth Ave Insurance for peace of mind for the entire school year. 

    • Families will be financially responsible for repairing any breaks (screens, liquids, damage to keys and keyboards, etc). Therefore, it is imperative that students be taught to use this device responsibly. For example, a lost or missing Chromebook will cost $200.00 to replace, a charger will cost $35.00 for a replacement, a screen repair, approximately $80.00 - $100.00.  

    • It is highly recommended that Chromebook insurance be purchased, as accidental damages do happen. The #1 accident is a broken screen! With one broken screen, the insurance is worth peace of mind!

    • NOTE: Please contact the technology department immediately if this device is misplaced. The device can be tracked through Securely as long as the device still has power. The device can be put in “lost mode” with information about its return. 

    After the documentation is read by you and discussed with your child, please complete this acknowledgment form which indicates you have read the documentation. Please note that your student will not receive a new Chromebook until this form has been submitted. 


    • Please follow the instructions provided in the BPS HP Chromebook documentation to manually update the OS for your device. 

    • You can watch an introductory video on Chromebooks in education on YouTube: 
    • Flash (Flash player) will no longer be updated or supported as of January 1, 2020. HTML5 has replaced Flash. This means that some INTERACTIVE files may not play properly if the company and/or vendor have not switched over to HTML5. Contact your child’s teacher if this occurs. 

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