Title IX Policies

  • Policy AC (Nondiscrimination)

    • Outlines the District’s commitment to creating a positive environment for students regardless of background and to considering the impacts of all decisions with respect to potential benefits or adverse consequences
    • Prohibits discrimination on the of account of someone’s race, color, national origin, language, sex, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, pregnancy-related condition, disability/handicap or other bases prohibited under state or federal anti-discrimination statutes
    • Identifies Kathleen Turner as the District’s Title IX/Section 504/Title II Coordinator
    • Indicates that the District’s Harassment grievance procedures apply to all complaints.

    Policy ACA (Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex)

    • References Title IX
    • Prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex
    • Requires equitable access, regardless of sex, to all educational and employment opportunities
    • Requires equitable access, regardless of sex, to all educational programs and activites in Barnstable Public Schools
    • Identifies Kathleen Turner as the District’s Title IX Coordinator

    Policy ACAB (Harassment)

    • Prohibits harassment of students, employees, vendors and other third parties
    • Defines jurisdiction for addressing harassment
    • Defines employee-to-student harassment, student-to-student harassment and sexual harassment
    • Establishes expectations with respect to the handling of allegations of sexual harassment, which may include conduct by an employee towards a student or conduct between students
    • Explains what constitutes actual notice of sexual harassment by the District
    • Sets forth Due Process protections for the Complainant and the Accused
    • Kathleen Turner is identified as the District’s Title IX Coordinator; school-based complaints can be filed with the building principal