School Culture & Climate Committee

  • This advisory committee shall work with BPS faculty, staff, administration, parents/guardians, and community members to gather and review information and data on culture and climate within the district, and make recommendations for positive change to the School Committee, Superintendent, principals, and district administration. Areas in the scope for this advisory committee include student views of culture and climate, staff views of culture and climate, workplace satisfaction, staff well-being, social emotional learning competencies, parent/guardian and student engagement, culturally responsiveness practices and policies, promotion of equity and diversity, creating and sustaining physically welcoming and supportive environments for students and adults, means for ongoing assessment of culture and climate, attendance rates, and inter and intra district school choice. 
    School Committee members: Joe Nystrom and Andre King 

    Upcoming Meeting Dates

    Meetings will begin at 4:00pm

    • March 27, 2023

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2020-Present - Advisory Committee on School Climate & Culture