Grades 6-7 Summer Learning
  • Summer Math Assignments

    Summer Math Assignments

    The assignments were designed by content teachers to help students be better prepared for math work in the fall.  In addition, students who turn in the completed assignment will receive credit, as this will count as their first assignment.

  • Incoming Grade 6 Students

    Reading Suggestions and Resources

    Independent Reading occurs in all stages. It is important for students to be given time to apply their reading skills through silent reading with a book at their independent level. Students should be encouraged to challenge themselves to move their reading to the next level. As you help your child select books, please consider some of the suggested authors and titles. Remember, these are only suggestions. Your child’s summer reading possibilities are endless and not restricted to what is suggested.

  • Incoming Grade 7 Students

    Reading Suggestions and Resources

    The Barnstable Public Schools English Department highly encourages incoming 7-12 grade students to stay connected in the summer months by engaging with books, blogs, articles, podcasts, and other texts that interest you.