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Gateway Department Newsletter for June

A different ending to a unique school year

  • School buildings may be closed but our hearts and minds have always been open and creatively exercising new ideas!  Students have been impressive as they embraced and learned new technology platforms to continue learning remotely while away from their classrooms.  Although Zoom meetings can be fun, we truly miss having our students altogether.  For now, we will offer virtual high-fives to our persevering, innovative students for a great year!

Happy Retirement!

  • We would like to recognize and congratulate two Gateway staff members who are retiring at the end of this school year.  

    Kelli Donehey is the Gateway teacher for grades K-3 at West Villages Elementary School and Hyannis West Elementary School.  

    Lynore Frew is the Destination Imagination Coordinator in the Barnstable Schools K-12. 

    Both of these amazing teachers will be missed and we wish them happiness in their next chapter!


  • Advanced Studies and Leadership Program 

    Each year, Barnstable Gateway works in partnership with Cape Cod Collaborative and Mass Maritime Academy to select high achieving students for participation in the Advanced Studies and Leadership Program.  This year students in grades 7 and 8 were selected for this learning experience emphasizing project-oriented instruction, team building, and leadership development.   Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, the Advanced Studies and Leadership Program is working on how to proceed, but we would like to recognize the students selected for this honor.  Congratulations!

    KayleeAna Anthony

    Shelby Locascio

    Brodie Boulette

    Ian Mulcahy

    Madeleine Brown

    George O’Connor

    Ava Bullock

    William Penni

    Ayla Camelo

    Nicholas Ramos

    Ritika Chelise

    Michael Santos

    Riley Croteau

    Colin Shearley

    Madeline DeFranscisci

    Lucy Sherman

    Kelsey Farrenkopf

    Athena Spyrou

    Teagan Geraghty

    Abigail Sylvester

    Drew Hall

    Jocelyn Tatro

    Ariana Hawkins

    Jacob Terry

    Scout Johnson

    Regan Tivey

    Malia Johnson

    Cheyenne Trezise

    Kaitlyn Kraics


    Future Problem Solving 

    We would also like to recognize this year’s Future Problem Solving competitors who competed this year in the virtual international competition.  Future Problem Solving is a unique program encouraging critical and creative thinking as well as teamwork in students, starting in 4th grade and continuing to 12th grade.  

    Alexis Papavasiliou and Haley Rosenfield, both seniors, competed with other students from around the globe in Scenario Writing.  Alexis placed fourth in the world for her original submission and was chosen to be the state flag bearer for Massachusetts in the virtual opening ceremonies. 

    Sophomores, Kaya Cormier, Lucas McCauley, Reagan Hicks, and Penelope “Poppy” Powers competed as a team and Nicholas Ramos, a 7th grader, competed as an individual in the Global Issues Problem Solving portion.

    Congratulations to the students and their coaches, Christy Salley and Deb Contrino

    Destination Imagination 

    We would also like to recognize the graduating senior Destination Imagination team.  The DI program has been part of Barnstable’s Gateway program since the 1990’s for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

    DI is a fun, hands-on system of learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage, and curiosity through open-ended academic Challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), fine arts and service learning.  Our participants learn the collaborative problem-solving process, as well as flexibility and respect for others.

    Congratulations to Morgan Contrino, Payton Geraghty, Chime Pelzom, Ally Tindall, Hannah Roderick, and their volunteer coach, Kim Roderick.

    As seniors, we are sure you have learned valuable skills in Destination Imagination that will help you to succeed in your next adventure.  Best of luck! 

    Voices of Peace Poetry Contest

    2020 VFP Voices of Peace Poetry Contest

    This is the 25th anniversary year of the Voices of Peace Poetry Contest sponsored by the Cape Cod Veterans for Peace, Corporal Jeffrey M. Lucey Chapter 041. Support and assistance is provided by the Guyer Barn Poets of Cape Cod, who coordinate the judging panel, Cape Cod Regional Technical High School, who prints our winning poems book, along with the Lucey family and Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, who also generously help to fund this yearly project. Every grade from K-12 was strongly represented, including adults from villages all across the Cape & Islands.

    Congratulations to the following students on their winning poetry pieces!

    Grade 4

    Kaylee Koch                      “Peace is Key"

    Callie James Surprenant    “Peace"

    Grade 6

    Eva Alves                          “Instead”

    Ella Baker                          “What Did You Learn Today”

    Noelle Jatczak                  “The reality of today vs tomorrow”

    Anna Schlegel                    “Understanding each Other”

    Grade 7

    Lillie Burke                        “Where do we find Peace?”

    Grace Curley                     “The Cape”

    Brynn Dennis                     “It’s not hard to be Kind”

    Liam Fishback                    “If My Cats Knew”

    Juliana Nordone                 “When the World is Ending"

Summer Learning Opportunities

  • District-wide Opportunities

    Barnstable Public Schools are offering many opportunities for students to continue learning over the summer.  Visit the district webpage for more information. 

    Renzulli Learning

    All students receiving Tier 3 Gateway have been given access to Renzulli Learning through their Clever log in

    What can my child do with Renzulli Learning?

    The Renzulli Learning process begins when your child completes his or her Renzulli Profiler™ assessment, which uncovers your child’s top three interests, top three learning styles, and top three expression styles. Then, based on your child’s Renzulli Profiler results and grade level, Renzulli Learning narrows down its database of more than 40,000 enrichment activities to the 1,500–3,000 enrichment activities that best match how your child learns.

    A small selection of the thousands of possibilities includes:

    • Find summer programs — Renzulli Learning provides information about summer programs that can keep your child excited, busy, and engaged in learning over the summer vacation.
    • Complete online activities — Students can calculate their weight on other planets, help Lewis and Clark explore the West, design one-of-a-kind art pieces, and much more.
    • Take a virtual field trip — This could be a 3-D tour of a cell, an exploration of the Great Wall of China, an excavation for dinosaur bones, or a virtual journey through our solar system.
    • Prepare for a field trip — Students can gather information about museums, zoos, and art galleries.
    • Be inspired — Thousands of engaging enrichment activities cultivate your child’s creative expression and real-world critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities.
    • Read e-books — We have thousands of literature selections that students can read online for free.
    • Research and complete projects — Find resources for just about any task you can imagine, including researching the U.S. and other countries, becoming familiar with famous people, and completing science fair projects aligned to your child’s interests and needs.
    • Enter contests and competitions — Renzulli Learning provides students with information for local, national, and global contests and competitions to which they can submit their work for awards and scholarships.