Grade 5

  • Students would benefit from daily academics. You can create a schedule that will work best for your family. Try to incorporate reading, writing, creativity and movement each day.  The classroom teacher will be reaching out to students to share the expectations for the week. Here is an example of a daily schedule for May 18 - 22.


  • Your classroom teacher will let you know which two assignments you should complete and turn in. 


    Read, write, and compare decimals to thousandths. (5.NBT.1)

    Read and write decimals to thousandths using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded form, e.g., 347.392 = 3  100 + 4  10 + 7  1 + 3  ( 1 ∕10) + 9  ( 1 ∕100) + 2  ( 1 ∕1000). (5.NBT.1.a)

    Compare two decimals to thousandths based on meanings of the digits in each place, using >, =, and < symbols to record the results of comparisons. (5.NBT.3)

    Instructional Resource: 

    Writing, reading and comparing decimals


    Watch the instructional video Writing, reading and comparing decimals and then complete: Grade 5 Assignment 1.

    Learning Activity: 

    Complete: Placing Thousandths on a Number Line

English Language Arts (ELA)

  • Your classroom teacher will let you know which two assignments you should complete and turn in. 

    Community Read:

    Book cover for Fish in a Tree Watch the book trailer here. 

    We will begin reading/listening to the first chapters of the book, Fish in a Tree, starting next week. (May 26-29)


    Compare and contrast two or more characters, settings, or events in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g. how characters interact). (5.RL.3)

    Determine the meaning of words and phrases that are used in a text; identify and explain the effects of figurative language such as metaphors and simile. (5.RL.4)

    Instructional Resource: 

    Compare and Contrast

    Simile Example 


    Listen to/Read “Where I Live” on myngconnect through the comprehension coach.

    Explain the differences between the main character Elena and her friend Ricky.  How do they treat the environment differently?  Who do you think acts correctly and why?

    Here are some sentence frames to help you write your answer.  You can use all of them or change them. 

    1. In the story, Where I live, but Gary Soto, the main character, Elena can be described as ____________and her friend Ricky can be described as _______________.
    2. I think that Elena feels ____________  and Ricky feels _______________about the environment.
    3. Elena and Ricky are different because__________________________________.
    4. Elena shows she is ___________________________by __________________________.
    5. Ricky shows he is ________________________by______________________________.
    6. At the end of the story, Elena and Ricky are alike because _________________________.
    7. I agree with _______________________ thinking because ________________________.

    Learning Activity:

    Reread pages 510-511 in the story Where I Live on myngconnect through the comprehension coach.  Identify the three similes on these pages.  Pick one to explain.  Make a google slide or fold a piece of blank paper in half .  On one side, right the simile you chose and draw a picture of what it would look like if the simile were actually happening.  On the other side, draw a picture and write what the simile actually means. See this slide for an example. 

Movement/Physical Education

  • At least 30 minutes of movement each day (see ideas below)

    Movement/Physical Education Choices:

    • “UNO” Fitness! Use these instructions to make Uno cards into a fun workout: 

    Yellow - Jumping Jacks

    Green -Toe Raises 

    Red - 20 second planks 

    Blue -push ups 

    Action cards -10 of your choice

    • Play rock-paper-scissors with someone in your family.  If you win, take a victory lap around the inside or outside of your house.  If you lose, do a wall sit while you wait for them to finish their victory lap..  (wall sit - using the wall like the back of a chair, bend legs so you look like you are sitting on a chair)  Together you can come up with other exercises to do when you win or lose for a change of pace. What exercise ideas can you come up with?
    • Workout 1: 15 Minute Home Workout | The Body Coach Beginner Workout Series     
    • PE With Joe  - Wheel of Fortune


  • Science Choices - See Activity below

    • Play the interactive game, “City Farm.” Players learn about sustainable practices by growing crops, protecting them against unforeseen problems, and determining how best to conserve resources in this interactive game from WGBH.  You can add this assignment to your Google Classroom from the site!

Social Studies

  • Social Studies Choices - See Activity below

    • Watch Harriet Tubman: Abolition Activist and use this graphic organizer to take notes. Harriet Tubman escaped slavery to become a so-called “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, leading or assisting more than 300 enslaved people to freedom, despite great personal risk. After aiding the Union Army as a spy during the Civil War, she continued a life of service, dedicated to formerly enslaved people. You will become familiar with the remarkable bravery and extraordinary accomplishments of the “Moses of her people,” Harriet Tubman.  Harriet Tubman took many huge risks before and during the Civil War; she also helped large numbers of people. Create a Venn Diagram, poster, or graphic organizer comparing Harriet Tubman to a contemporary woman who has taken risks and helped many people.


  • Do one activity (see ideas below)

    Art Choices:

    • Draw a still life.  Set up 3-5 of your favorite things in an interesting arrangement and draw them.
    • Create a positive and negative space drawing.  Find an interesting flat object, like scissors, and trace them multiple times onto your paper.  You can overlap your tracing.  Then, fill the negative space (any space that is not your object) with a pattern of your choice.  
    • Explore Street Art!


  • Do one activity (see ideas below)

    Music Choices:

    • Music expresses emotion lesson 2 with Ms. Buccino
    • Join Ms. Heleen as she shares a composer of the week
    • Try out the Chrome music lab! See if you can write a song using at least 8 notes. Play it back- do you like it? Or do you want to change it?
    • Use magazine clippings to make a collage of your favorite things. Can you find         anything musical in those magazines? Music notes, lines to make a staff, someone  performing? Your favorite instrument?

Social and Emotional Learning

  • Social and Emotional Learning  - See Activity below

    Introducing Emotional Management

    Lesson 11 Managing Anxiety

    Boy looking sad sitting on a cooler

    Name two ways to calm down. Name two places where you could use these ways to calm down.

    Clam down poster