Chromebook Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • If you are having trouble with your Chromebook, many issues can be resolved with a hard reset.  To do a hard reset of your Chromebook, press the Power and the Refresh keys at the same time for 10 seconds. The keyboard picture below shows you the location of those keys.

    If you are still having issues with your Chromebook, please fill out a ticket in Incident IQ. 

Chromebook keyboard

Log In Problems

  • How do I log into Clever?

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    Click Clever, then click "Log in with Google". Type your BPS email address and password (Example: Your password is your lunch code with two additional “0”

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  • How do I log Into my Google Classroom?

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    Log in to Google with your school Google account.  Select classroom from the waffle or go to

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  • What are the general login credentials for students?

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    Student Log In Information is the same credentials to log into the Chromebook and for Clever.

    Their password is their lunch code with two additional “0”

    What is my child's YOG (Year of Graduation):

    Kindergarten - 35
    Grade 1 - 34
    Grade 2 - 33
    Grade 3 - 32
    Grade 4 - 31
    Grade 5 - 30
    Grade 6 - 29
    Grade 7 - 28
    Grade 8 - 27
    Grade 9 - 26
    Grade 10 - 25
    Grade 11 - 24
    Grade 12 - 23

    If you have any questions regarding login information, contact your child's teacher via email. 

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App, Extensions, Add-Ons, and General Questions

  • Who owns the Chromebook?

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    Barnstable Public Schools owns all the assigned Chromebooks. Barnstable Public Schools retains the sole right of possession and related equipment. The district retains the right to collect, re-assign and/or inspect the Chromebook at any time and to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware.

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  • Can I install any Chrome App, Extension, or Add-On that I find in the Chrome Web Store?

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    Students can only install apps, add-ons, and extensions White Listed by the district.  If you need one to complete your work, please contact your teacher who can then pass on the request to Educational Technology.

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How to Take a Screenshot With a Chromebook

  • To capture a full screenshot, hold down the "ctrl" key and the "switch window" key (pictured below) at the same time.

    To capture a partial screenshot, hold down the "ctrl," "shift," and "switch window" keys at the same time.

Picture of a Chromebook keyboard with the "switch window" key circled in red.