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Chromebook Hardware Problems

  • Clarification of Zoom App Installation on BPS Chromebooks !

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    Overview of Zoom: Zoom can be accessed on any mobile device, (iphones, iPads, Android tablets, Microsoft tablets), and with Chromebooks, Apple Macbooks, and Microsoft Tablets. Depending on the device, an extension or app will have to be installed. 

    If using a BPS Chromebook, Directions for families and students with Chromebooks:

    1. Be sure students have logged into the DEVICE (not browsing on a GUEST account)
    2. Be sure students have logged into Google Chrome (
    3. Be sure students have downloaded the ZOOM CLIENT for CHROMEBOOKS from the Google WEB Store. Click on the hyperlink  to go to the Google Chrome Web Store for download. 

    We have shared these videos from New Bedford Public Schools, that will be helpful if a Chromebook, or Zoom meeting link is acting wonky. Please be sure that you know how to assist your families if any problems arise. 




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  • How do I access Adobe Flash Videos on my Chromebook?

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    If any Chromebook is having issues with loading a video that is made in Adobe Flash, there is a way to enable Adobe Flash. 

    Adobe Flash comes installed in Chrome OS, and on occasion, has to be udated or allowed. 

    A Screencastify has been made to show you how to enable the settings to "allow" Flash to play on the Chromebook. This is a very easy process, and should be able to be completed if your watch the video. (it is only 1.30 minutes long). 

    For those that like to follow written directions, and Adobe Flash has to be enabled on your Chromebook, complete these steps. 

    1. In the OMNIBOX, (address bar), click on the LOCK ICON, to the left of the web address of the video that will not play. When the cursor hovers over the lock icon, it says, View Site Information. 

    2. You will see Flash Extension icon, click allow.  (If you cannot see the Flash choice right away, choose site settings, search for Flash in the list, and click allow).


    Please note that Adobe Flash will only be supported until December 2020. Most videos are now being converted to HTML5.

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  • Whom do I contact if my Chromebook is really acting 'wonky'?

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    Many performance issues on a Chromebook can be solved by performing a hard reset. To do this, hold down the reset and power button until the machine restarts. If your problem still is not resolved, contact your school's principal to be issued a replacement Chromebook. 

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  • If my Chromebook breaks, how do I get a new one?

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    Contact your school's principal to be issued a replacement Chromebook.

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  • My microphone isn't working...

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    Google Chrome microphone and camera support has a detailed guide on how to troubleshoot these issues.

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  • I'm really tech savvy, is there a resource that I can use to look up my own issues?

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    The website Digital Trends has an excellent catalogue of fixes for common Chromebook problems. Google Chrome Help has documentation to quickly troubleshoot most issues related to the web browser. 

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Log In Problems

  • How do I log into Clever?

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    Click Clever, then click "Log in with Google". Type your BPS email address and password (Example: Your password is your lunch code with two additional “0”

    More Clever Login Information

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  • How do I log Into my Google Classroom?

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    Log in to Google with your school Google account.  Select classroom from the waffle or go to

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  • How do I log Into Schoology?

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    BHS student schoology accounts are automatically created in when you become a student at BHS.  Your credentials were sent to your school email address.  Most students have active accounts, if you forget your password you can use the forget password feature.  Your username follows the Lastname_FirstnameYOG format. 

    For those of you who did not activate your account, credentials were resent from Schoology on March 30 and again on April 25th.

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  • What are the login credentials for students at BHS?

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    Student Log In Information are the same credentials to log into the Chromebook and many other services

    For example

    Student passwords: a color with 2 digits.

    For BHS students only if you do not remember your password please contact

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  • What are the general login credentials for students PK-7

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    Student Log In Information is the same credentials to log into the Chromebook and for Clever.

    Their password is their lunch code with two additional “0”

    What is my child's YOG (Year of Graduation):

    Kindergarten - 32
    Grade 1 - 31
    Grade 2 - 30
    Grade 3 - 29
    Grade 4 - 28
    Grade 5 - 27

    If you have any questions regarding login information, contact your child's teacher via email. 

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