• Cape Cod Community College Pathways Program

    Explore the Pathways Program – Your Gateway to Cape Cod Community College!

    Attention seniors! The Pathways Program provides a seamless journey through the entire admissions and registration process for Cape Cod Community College, all while you're still in high school. Interested students are encouraged to connect with their school counselor to kickstart this exciting opportunity.

    Throughout the year, we'll be hosting information sessions, offering college tours, providing application assistance, and conducting placement testing to ensure you're fully prepared for your college adventure.

    Discover the wealth of opportunities that Cape Cod Community College has for you! Watch the video below for an in-depth look at what awaits you. To delve into the details of the Pathways Program, visit https://www.capecod.edu/pathways/.

    Your future begins here - embark on your Pathways journey today!