Chromebooks and Technology Support

  • You use the same credentials to log into the Chromebook as you do for Clever.

    Their password is their lunch code with two additional “0”

    What is my child's YOG (Year of Graduation):

    Kindergarten - 33
    Grade 1 - 32
    Grade 2 - 31
    Grade 3 - 30
    Grade 4 - 29
    Grade 5 - 28

    1. In the paperwork handed out with the Chromebook, information about login credentials should have been provided with the device.
    2. If you have any questions regarding login information, contact your principal via email. 


    Chromebook Loan for Families

    Once you are home:

    • Charge the Chromebook (it may take overnight). One charge lasts for 10 hours!
      • Press the button once to turn it on: it may take a few seconds to come to life. Do not press repeatedly. Chromebooks can stay powered on and go to sleep if the cover is closed. It is not necessary to POWER ON and POWER UP after every use session. As soon as the cover is opened, it comes to life. 
    • Connect to the Internet (contact your service provider for Internet connection assistance. BPS staff cannot help with connecting to the Internet.)
    • Have your student log in with Google credentials to access his/her district resources.

    Chromebooks should be taken care of:

    • Do not keep food or drink near the Chromebook.
    • Use Chromebooks on a stable surface: be careful how you carry it! Use two hands. Be careful not to drop it. 
    • Do not lean or put pressure on the top of the Chromebook when it is closed. Foreign objects between the screen and keyboard will crack the screen.
    • Chromebooks should only be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. To disinfect please spray alcohol on the cloth then wipe down the Chromebook.

    Use with your children:

    • Please discuss Internet safety with your student and what you consider appropriate use at home. Set up rules immediately. 
    • These Chromebooks are not filtered by BPS. Please monitor your child’s use.

    Here are some conversation starters with your child. 

    • Do you have your own Chromebook at school, or do you share?  When do you use your Chromebook in school? 
    • What is your favorite thing to do on a Chromebook? 
    • What rules does your school have for using Chromebooks? 

    Due to the restrictions of COVID-19 (social distancing: no signatures allowed), by taking physical possession of this Chromebook: you agree to do your best to keep BPS technology equipment safe from harm.

    Check back often on our for updates.

    If you have hardware issues with your Chromebook, complete a School Dude.

Connect to WIFI

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