Grade 4

  • Students would benefit from daily academics. You can create a schedule that will work best for your family. Try to incorporate reading, writing, creativity and movement each day.  Below are suggestions (no tech and online) for students to engage in learning.  Please note suggested times have been included, but you should feel free to adjust as needed for your student.


    • 30 minutes on Dreambox  (log on through Clever) or practice math facts 
    • AND one choice activity (see below)


    Math Choices:

    • Talk about and explore fractions. How many pieces make up the whole clementine orange or a pizza? How many pieces would you have if you cut three apples into halves, thirds, fourths?
    • Draw a floor plan of your room.
    • Play multiplication “war” card game (split the deck in half, each flip over one card, whoever says the product of the cards first keeps them)
    • Khan Academy has video lessons and practice by grade level (log on through Clever)
    • Practice identifying fractions with That Quiz 
    • Practice measurement online.

English Language Arts (ELA)

    • 30 minutes “D.E.A.R.” time. (Drop Everything And Read) 
    • AND one choice activity (see below)

    English Language (ELA) Choices: 

    • Read a book to a younger sibling or pet.  Explain the characters in the book.
    • Write a journal about your daily activities and the feelings you are having.
    • Record yourself reading a story you have practiced then send the video to other family members.
    • Research a favorite historical figure and create a timeline of their accomplishments.
    • Create a digital photo album and include captions of your favorite memories from this past year. 
    • Log onto RAZ Kids (visit Clever) and choose from a variety of books to read.  Summarize what you read. 


    • 30 minutes of movement (see ideas below)

    Movement Choices:

    • Have a dance party in your living room - each family member can play their favorite song. 
    • Make up exercise routines to different songs.  Teach them to someone else.
    • Feeling cooped up or antsy? Melt away boredom and icky feelings with the Melting video from
    • Go outside and dribble a ball or basketball to the tempo of your favorite song. Try dribbling the ball to one slow song and one fast song. What do you notice between the fast versus slow tempos? Can you dribble the basketball using one hand while keeping a steady beat? Can you dribble the ball between your legs while keeping the same steady beat?!

Creativity & Exploration

    • Choose one activity (see below) 

    Creativity & Exploration Choices: 

    • Practice your typing skills using Typing Club (see Clever). 
    • Go outside and search for signs of Spring.  Write in a journal what you find. Look for buds on trees and see if you can identify what type of tree it is.  (For example, right now forsythia and pussy willows are budding) Also, see if you can notice anything popping up from the ground.  Crocus, snow drops and even daffodils are emerging from their winter’s sleep! Search for wildlife returning to the area. Listen for birds and see if you can identify what type they are.  
    • Choose a state and search for national parks then go on a virtual tour of the park.
    • How do earthquakes happen? Find the answer to the question online.
    • Decorate your front door with hearts and encouraging words to support our healthcare professionals and first responders.
    • Create a color wheel with items around the house.
    • Create a musical scale with glasses and water and play songs or write your own song. Music to Your Ears
    • Compose a short jingle selling a product using melody, rhythm and lyrics! Perform your jingle for your family!