Grade 2

  • Students would benefit from daily academics. You can create a schedule that will work best for your family. Try to incorporate reading, writing, creativity and movement each day.  Below are suggestions (no tech and online) for students to engage in learning. Please feel free to adjust as needed for your student.


    • Spend some time on Dreambox /BCIS students - Symphony Math (log on through Clever) or practice math facts 
    • AND do one choice activity (see below)

    Math Choices:

    • Draw a floor plan of your room
    • Measure items around the house to the nearest half inch or nearest centimeter
    • Create a card game or board game that practices addition and subtraction with two-digit or three-digit numbers
    • Play the “Chinese Dragon Game” online to order and sequence numbers..
    • Practice addition online in your rocket ship on Mission Addition!
    • Find the missing number on

English Language Arts (ELA)

    • Spend time reading.  “D.E.A.R.” time. (Drop Everything And Read)
    • AND do one choice activity (see below)

     English Language Arts (ELA) Choices:

    • Read a new book and practice retelling using character, setting, and plot
    • Write a “script” for a favorite story.  Perform as a “Readers’ Theater”. Make costumes.  Be Dramatic! (Fluency practice)
    • Write a “how-to” and have someone in your house follow it.  Edit your writing as necessary. How-to … make a sandwich, make pudding, draw a rainbow, get from your room to the kitchen … the possibilities are endless.  
    • Practice your typing skills using Typing Club (see Clever).
    • Choose a story on Storyline Online and listen to a famous actor read to you!
    • Learn about the 5 W’s with this online song.


    • 20 minutes of movement (see ideas below)

    Movement Choices:

    • Make up a new dance. 
    • Go Noodle movement activities
    • Practice your Yoga with Arnold the Ant with Cosmic Kids.
    • Alphabet Fitness Challenge - assign an exercise to each letter of the alphabet.  (example - A= 25 jumping jacks, B= 5 push ups,...) Then spell your name by using the different exercises.  Try spelling a family member’s name or do your spelling words. 

Creativity & Exploration

    • Do one choice activity (see below) 

    Creativity & Exploration Choices:

    • Listen to music (explore a new type of music, band, singer, etc)
    • Experiment making music with household items; pots, pans,spoons,plastic bowls, glasses,or car keys.
    • Learn how to “Draw a Zanny Scientist” online with artist, Cassie Stephens.  
    • Participate in a virtual museum tour. (YouTube has many options available)
    • Place a dried bean or a garden seed with a moist paper towel covering one side and place it in a plastic sandwich bag. Watch it grow! What appears first? What appears next? What will you need to do next to keep it growing? What did it need to start growing? You can create two of these bags. Place one in a sunny place and the other in the dark. What happens to both? Why?
    • Learn how to draw a whale using the book “Breathe” with local author and illustrator, Scott Magoon.