Grade 1

  • Students would benefit from daily academics. You can create a schedule that will work best for your family. Try to incorporate reading, writing, creativity and movement each day.  Below are suggestions (no tech and online) for students to engage in learning. Please feel free to adjust as needed for your student.


    • Spend some time on Dreambox /BCIS students - Symphony Math (log on through Clever) or practice math facts 
    • AND do one choice activity (see below)

    Math Choices:  

    • Play 10s Go Fish- Same rules as regular Go Fish, but you make matches that add up to 10. Example: If I have a 7 I will ask my partner for a 3 (Remove all 10s, jacks, queens and kings from the deck)
    • Place Value Fun...Practice place value by drawing cards and trying to build the largest number possible. 
    • Follow a recipe and cook something with your family.
    • Practice graphing online with Fuzz Bugs.
    • Practice adding to 20 online with Galaxy Pals.
    • Compete in a jet ski race online to practice addition.

English Language Arts (ELA)

    • Spend time reading.  “D.E.A.R.” time. (Drop Everything And Read) 
    • AND do one choice activity (see below)

    English Language Arts (ELA) Choices:  

    • Read a book or magazine. Summarize what you read to someone else. 
    • Have your child read out loud to you every day for about 20 minutes.  Sit side by side and follow along with the words to watch their accuracy.  Give them a chance to decode difficult words and to self-correct when making mistakes before you jump in to help.  Stop them and have them re-read when they don't recognize mistakes. Talk with them about what they've read to check their comprehension.
    • Think about a favorite book.  Write a sentence about your favorite part.  Why did you like this part of the book?
    • Choose a story on Storyline Online and listen to a famous actor read to you!
    • Read “Let’s Be Pals” story online. 
    • Learn about parts of a book online with Scratch Garden.  


    • 15-20 minutes of movement (see ideas below)

    Movement Choices:

    • Go Noodle movement activities
    • Alphabet Fitness Challenge - assign an exercise to each letter of the alphabet.  (example - A= 25 jumping jacks, B= 5 push ups,...) Then spell your name by using the different exercises.  Try spelling a family member’s name or do your spelling words. 
      (google doc available if needed)
    • Make up a new dance.
    • Go on a Bear Hunt with Cosmic Kids.

Creativity & Exploration

    • Do one choice activity (see below) 

    Creativity & Exploration Choices: 

    • Visit Scott’s Studio Time to join local author and illustrator, Scott Magoon, for story, draw and Q+A  time. New episodes every Wednesday!
    • Observational Drawing / put an object in front of you and try drawing it. Go outside and draw something you see.
    • Participate in a virtual museum tour. (YouTube has many options available)
    • Experiment with sound waves by making your own musical instruments.  Examine how vibration makes sound. Some household objects you can use are: rubber bands, tissue box, plastic containers with lids, straws, glasses filled with various levels of water, pots, and pans.
    • Learn about your family’s history!  Interview a family member about what their life was like as a child.