• Students would benefit from daily academics. You can create a schedule that will work best for your family. Try to incorporate reading, writing, creativity and movement each day.  Below are suggestions (no tech and online) for students to engage in learning. Please feel free to adjust as needed for your student.


    • Spend some time on Dreambox /BCIS students - Symphony Math (log on through Clever) or practice math facts 
    • AND do one choice activity (see below)

    Math Choices:  

    • Find rocks, shells, and various objects from nature to sort and categorize.
    • Tracing Shapes/ use lids, caps, keys, toys, put them on paper and trace them, then color.
    • Roll 2 dice, or use a deck of cards, write an addition sentence using the numbers that you rolled or numbers from 2 cards and solve
    • Practice counting, sorting, and comparing online Fuzz Bugs
    • Play Number Bingo

English Language Arts (ELA)

    • Spend time reading.  “D.E.A.R.” time. (Drop Everything And Read) 
    • AND do one choice activity (see below)

    ELA Choices:  

    • Read a story with someone else. Tell them what you remember from the story.
    • Bake cookies and after illustrate/write what you did first/next/last.
    • Write the house!! What words or letters can you find around your house? Any familiar sight words?
    • Watch and read about Rabbits
    • Mo Willems live writing/illustrating broadcast every day at 1:00 pm EST
    • New Sight Words with Jack Hartman on YouTube 


    • 10-15 minutes of movement (see ideas below)

    Movement Choices:

    • Alphabet Fitness Challenge - assign an exercise to each letter of the alphabet.  (example - A= 25 jumping jacks, B= 5 push ups,...) Then spell your name by using the different exercises.  Try spelling a family member’s name or do your spelling words. (google doc available if needed)
    • While outside, look for signs of spring (Mass Audubon Nature Bingo)
    • Sing, dance, and practice patterns with this super-funky Blazer Fresh song, Meow Moo Moo.
    • Go out in your yard and listen to all the different sounds while you are getting fresh air. Draw a picture of what you saw.
    • Dance and sing Baby Shark!
    • Hop like a bunny or frog; squat and waddle like a duck. How many different animals can you move like?

Creativity & Exploration

    • Do a choice activity (see below) 

    Creativity & Exploration Choices: 

    • Participate in a virtual museum tour. (YouTube has many options available)
    • Draw along with this great family! They draw all your favorite characters and so much more!
    • Put on your favorite music and color, you will see how relaxing this can be.
    • Visit Scott’s Studio Time to join local author and illustrator, Scott Magoon, for story, draw and Q+A  time. New episodes every Wednesday!
    • Find out the answer to the question, Can Animals Laugh?.
    • Gather a variety of materials (paper clippings, buttons, pieces of tinfoil, cotton balls) and have your child create a collage by gluing them onto a piece of paper.   Discuss the differences in textures, shapes and sizes.