Barnstable High School Athletics Mission Statement

  • The Barnstable High School athletic program supports the school’s core values of commitment, collaboration and community.  The priority of Barnstable Athletics is to give student-athletes the opportunity to excel in academic achievement and athletic accomplishments.

    Our athletic programs are dedicated to fostering a positive and healthy culture, which centers around respect, sportsmanship, commitment to inclusiveness and diversity, hard work, self-discipline, humility, and social and emotional growth.

    The athletic program plays an essential role in teaching student-athletes that they are ambassadors and role models for both their school and their community.  We teach student-athletes that it is crucial to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, make sacrifices, strive for excellence, persevere through adversity, compete with pride and dignity, and to give back to others.

    Barnstable High School strives to instill an awareness of, and appreciation for, the importance of lifetime health and wellness, and to involve the full community as both participants and supporters of our athletic program.