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Gateway Department Newsletter for January

  • Gateway provides advanced instruction classes (Tier 3) for students needing support beyond the regular classroom.  During each class students are assessed using criteria for learning and effective effort*. 

    The measurement scale used for assessment includes:

    • working toward/needing improvement 
    • meeting 
    • exceeding

    *Students in grades 4-7 receive progress reports in Gateway twice yearly at the end of January and the end of the school year.  It is important to note that this criteria reflects high expectations for all students receiving the tier 3 instruction and is well beyond the expectations for regular education.  Students receiving a "working toward or needing improvement" reflect the expectations within the advanced Gateway class and not during the regular instruction class

  • If a student needs improvement within one or more of the criteria, the Gateway teacher will review the expectations and provide support and guidance for the student to be successful.  Communication will also be shared with family and updates follow after weeks of implementation.