Parent Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures


    Time of drop-off: 7:50-8:10 am

    1. Cars arrive in a single file line and pull up to the curb in the front of the building. This area extends from the front crosswalk to the beginning of the curb by the gym (about 8-9 cars fit at a time).
    2. This line of cars of 8-9 cars will unload.  Children exit on the curb-side only and walk along the sidewalk to the main entrance.
    3. All cars drop off and leave in the order that they arrived.  This will maintain the single line of cars from the point of arrival to drop-off to exit, avoiding any accidents from passing stopped vehicles.

      No cellphone use   No cell phone use in the drop-off line! 



    Students who will be picked up every day, or have a note in the morning to be picked up that day, will exit the building entrance at 2:30pm, where staff will supervise dismissal.  Should you need to pick up your child early, please sign him or her out in the main office. We ask that early dismissals are limited to doctor’s appointments and family emergencies.

    In order for us to maintain the safest environment for your child, please make sure that the school office has a current custody agreement on file if one is in place.

    Time of pick-up: 2:30-2:50 pm - the announcement is made at 2:30pm

    1. All parents/guardians must use the pick up line.  Parking in the lots at dismissal is not permitted. For the safety of your child and to move the line of traffic more efficiently, remain in your car and a staff member will bring your child to you.  Parking your car and walking to meet your child slows down the line of traffic and adds to the number of people crossing in front of cars. 
    2. Cars arrive in two lanes and pull down to the front crosswalk.  Cones will mark the pull-up stopping point and will mark the end of the first group of cars.  Children will be loaded into that group of cars only.
    3. Cars within the cones must turn their engines off, an important safety measure recommended by the Barnstable Police Department.   Once the cars are loaded, the staff member on the crosswalk will signal when it is safe to exit.  Cars waiting for stragglers who are not outside will be rerouted back into the parent line.

      No cellphone use   No cell phone use in the pick-up line!