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Gateway Department Newsletter September

  • Barnstable Gateway Department Newsletter, September 2019

    Tiered Support in Gateway

    The year is underway with supports being provided for students to enrich, extend, and advance their learning.  Classroom teachers have the opportunity to recommend students for Gateway services at any time during the year.  Gateway steps in determining the best supports for students :

    • When a classroom teacher feels their student is needing enrichment/extension beyond the grade level, they are to submit a recommendation form (found on the Gateway Teacher Page online)
    • If a parent requests for a teacher to recommend their student, please complete the recommendation form, however, note that it is a parent request by selecting that option on the online form.  
    • Once the recommendation form has been submitted, we review multiple measures (for example:  current and previous assessments, local and standardized benchmarks)
    • If a need for extension/enrichment is determined, the student is then placed within the Gateway Tier 2 supports to begin extending/enriching the classroom instruction.  The students' performance is monitored by the Gateway teacher.
    • If a student is found to require more than the Tier 2 supports, the student would then be placed in a Tier 3 class which meets weekly and instructed by the Gateway teacher.  

    Team Managers Needed for DI

    If you are interested in becoming a team manager for Destination Imagination, please contact Lynore Frew.  Destination Imagination is our after school creative problem solving program that is coached by trained parent volunteers.  Destination Imagination has been part of the Gateway Program for 30 years. Barnstable Public Schools supports teams in three competitive levels and one non-competitive, primary level.  Students choose one of five Central Challenges, presenting their amazing solutions via an 8-minute skit that solves the problem and showcases their creative talents. They also compete in an Instant Challenge, where they must react spontaneously with their team to solve a problem.  New teams are formed at the beginning of the school year, prior to the first DI Manager Training session. For more information regarding Destination Imagination, please contact the DI Coordinator, Lynore Frew. frew_lynore@mybps.us, or visit the Destination Imagination Gateway page.  



    Mock Trial at BHS

    Mock Trial preparations have begun at BHS!  Students in grades 8-12 are welcome to join.  Please visit the Mock Trial webpage or contact Bruce Colwell, colwell_bruce@mybps.us, or Andrew Vince, vince_andrew@mybps.usfor more information.