Letter From Dr. Meg Mayo-Brown

  • January 31, 2019

    Dear BHS Students, Parents/Guardians, Faculty and Staff,

    Our vision of providing all BHS students with 1:1 Chromebooks is just around the corner! After researching various student laptop initiatives, surveying BHS students, educators and staff, and sharing our ideas with the Barnstable School Committee, we are ready to launch our very own student laptop program. Next week our Barnstable Public School (BPS) Educational Technology Department will begin assigning Chromebooks to BHS students. We are excited to announce that students will be able to use their laptops at school and at home.

    We anticipate that assigning over 1800 Chromebooks in a short amount of time will present some challenges. There may be a few bumps in the road, and we ask for your patience and understanding as we roll out the Chromebooks. This will be a learning experience for all of us. We will begin the week of February 4th by assigning 200 laptops to students identified by our Technology Department. This initial distribution will help our Technology Department understand any immediate challenges with the roll out. Then, during the week of February 11th, all BHS Seniors will receive their Chromebooks. BHS Juniors will be assigned their Chromebooks the week of February 25th.  Sophomores and 8th grade students will receive their Chromebooks during the week of March 4th. And, all BHS Freshmen will be assigned their Chromebooks during the week of March 11th. Our Technology Department will be using the Main Café as the distribution center. Additional information will be provided to students and BHS faculty regarding the specific timeline for distribution of the Chromebooks.

    In order to provide information to students, parents/guardians, BHS faculty and staff, our Technology Department has created a website. This new website page provides information related to our 1:1 Chromebook program, including our Acceptable Use Policy, Frequently Asked Questions, and Family and Student Responsibilities and Expectations. Additionally, the page contains important information about optional insurance. While we are providing the Chromebooks at no cost to our BHS students, we highly recommend that families purchase the optional insurance ($20 per year, prorated to $14 for the remainder of this school year) in order to cover accidental damage or theft/loss.

    The Barnstable School Committee has made this significant financial investment in Chromebooks so that all students have access to technology, and educators have opportunities to integrate technology into teaching and learning. We believe BHS students will be responsible with their school-assigned laptops, and leverage the technology to enhance their learning. In order to provide parents/guardians with information and opportunities to ask questions, we are hosting two forums.  The first will be held on February 6th at 5 PM in the Knight Auditorium and the second on February 8th at 9:15 AM also in the Knight Auditorium. Additionally, parents/guardians may contact Bethann Orr, Director of Technology at orr_bethann@mybps.us with any questions regarding the 1:1 Chromebook rollout.

    In closing, we look forward to supporting our students in receiving and using their new Chromebooks.  We also greatly appreciate the efforts of our Technology Department as they work with over 1800 students to initiate the assignment process.


    Dr. Meg Mayo-Brown, Superintendent of Schools