BHS Chromebook Program

Students using Chromebooks in the classroom.
  • Our Vision:
    We believe technology will enhance the quality and scope of teaching and learning. Our goal is to ensure all educators and students receive equitable access to technology. Technology can be integrated across curricula for meaningful instruction through the expanded use of digital media, assistive technologies and universally designed instruction. This environment will provide countless opportunities to fully integrate technology in the education process. 

    Why are we moving to a 1:1 initiative?
    Digital learning technologies can enable BHS students to grasp concepts more quickly and fully, to connect theory and application more adeptly, and to engage in learning more readily. Having an environment that provides Barnstable’s grade 8-12 students with 1:1 digital learning devices can assist teachers instructional blended learning techniques and facilitate the widespread sharing of knowledge. Digital technologies will afford Barnstable educators and students new and better ways to create possibilities beyond the limits of our current imagination. BHS students and educators will benefit from the digital learning tools by enhancing personalization of learning, increasing accessibility, offering blended learning experiences, there by expanding the four walls of the classroom.

    Blended Learning: Blended learning opportunities incorporate both face-to-face and online learning opportunities. The degree to which online learning takes place, and the way it is integrated into the curriculum, varies across Barnstable schools. The strategy of blending online learning with school-based instruction is often utilized to accommodate students’ diverse learning styles and to enable them to work before or after school in ways that are not possible with full-time conventional classroom instruction. Online learning has the potential to improve educational productivity by accelerating the rate of learning, and taking full advantage of learning time outside of school hours.

    Personalization: Digital learning offers an unprecedented ability to provide educational experiences that are tailor-made for each student. According to MAPLE's definition of Personalized learning, it seeks to accelerate student learning by tailoring the instructional environment – what, when, how and where students learn – to address the individual needs, skills and interests of each student. Students thrive most in situations where educational experience has been customized to their unique needs; digital learning will provide teachers with the tools and opportunity to offer individualized learning programs.

    Accessibility: By embracing digital devices and connected learning, Barnstable closes the digital divide and gives access to all students share insights and boost learning, experience, and communications skills.