BPS Professional Development Board 2019-2020

  • Co-Chairs:
    Kristen Harmon, Asst. Superintendent
    Keith Caldwell, BTA Vice-President

    BTA Representatives:
    Jane Anglin, Doreen Britton, Amy Charron, Ann Mach-Dixon, Chaitra McCarty, Steve Moynihan, Deb Thomas

    Admin Representatives:
    Catherine Zinni, Kari Morse, Bethann Orr, Jen Perry

The PD Board Guidelines

  • The Professional Development Board Policy of Procedures will adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Encourage PD proposals and projects to be initiated by BPS staff and administration.
    • The PDB will be available, upon request, as a resource for school councils and school administrators to help meet school improvement plan objectives.
    • The PDB will disseminate all professional development opportunities to staff in a timely manner.
    • The PDB will review and approve all professional development course/workshop/project proposals to ensure compliance with state, district, and/or individual PD objectives, and PDB guidelines.
    • Develop a system for approval of course reimbursement including approval, processing and reimbursement.
    • Develop a mechanism for the evaluation of all PD activities.