Innovation Learning Lab

  • The Innovation Learning Lab is designed to support district staff in their personal and professional growth as educators. Our focus is to enable educators to harness the power of technology, and the wealth of information accessible online to provide personalized and engaging learning opportunities to all students.

    The Innovation Learning Lab is a multi-use room. The lab serves as office, meeting and learning space. There are open lab hours where staff are welcome to drop by to use the resources, there are also appointment slots if you wish to use the lab and make sure there is a team member there to lend a hand.

    Open Lab: The room is open for drop in learning.  An ed tech team member may or may not be available.  Feel free to use the huddle station, browse the library, use an iPad, Chromebook, Windows laptop, explore robots, Schoology and so much more.

    Appointment Slot:  Want to use the lab but need some one on one assistance? Feel free to make an appointment.  

    If none of these options/times work for you please contact us directly and we can set something up. Remember members of the educational technology team can come to you and are eager to work with you and your students.  We can support you in class or consult one on one with you about ways to integrate tech into your learning environment.  We are also excited to work with grade level teams or departments. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us individually; our skills over lap greatly though we each have a school focus and some specialization.

  • Tools Available


    • Macs
    • PCs
    • iPad Pros
    • Chromebooks
    • Virtual Reality


    • Dash
    • Sphero
    • Drone

    Huddle Station


  • Professional Library

    The lab hosts a lending library comprised of department books and our personal collections. Books cover a range of topics regarding technology, english language learners, special education, differentiating instruction, maker education etc. Come browse and read in our reading nook, find something you want to delve into deeper, check out a book.


    stack of books

  • Suggested Uses

    • Bring some colleagues along to use the huddle station for collaborative work
    • Learn about the different devices and apps available
    • Brush up on the new Digital Literacy and Computer Science frameworks required for all students K-12
    • "Play" with a robot and stretch your computational thinking skills
    • Learn for the sake of learning because learning is FUN!

  • Educational Technology Team

    Bethann Orr, Director of Educational Technology
    Focus Schools: BIS and BUES

    • G-Suite
    • Google Classroom
    • Explain Everything/Book Creator
    • iPad workflow
    • fab@school (BUES & BIS)

    Beth Knittle, K12 Technology Integration Specialist
    Focus School: BHS

    • G-Suite
    • Schoology
    • Content Creation
    • Maker Ed
    • Online learning
    • Assistive Technology

  • The Innovation Learning Lab is located at Barnstable High School in room 1319 near the Library.