• Playground safety 101

    The Centers for Disease Control reported that every year emergency departments treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries.* Before your kids head outside to play, be sure to keep these precautions in mind:

    • Take your children to playgrounds with shock-absorbing surfaces. Choose parks and playgrounds that are appropriate for their age.
    • Teach children that pushing and shoving on the playground can result in accidents and injuries.
    • Remind kids to go down the slide one at a time and to wait until the slide is completely clear before taking their turn. Teach them to always sit facing forward with their legs straight in front of them. Insist they NEVER slide down headfirst!
    • Remind children to swing sitting down. Encourage them to wait until the swing stops before getting off and to be careful when walking in front of moving swings.
    • Before sending kids out to play, make sure they always wear shoes to protect feet from cuts, scrapes and splinters, and wear sunscreen to protect from sunburns and harmful ultra-violet rays.