• GROWTH MINDSET: The following link will bring you to  an inspiring article about failure,  making mistakes and how it has been a leading philosophy behind Pixar’s success.
    Pixar clip

    The following web page offers very practical advice on how to teach a growth mindset at home.  In fact, some of our classrooms at BIS are utlizing the Big Life journal.  How to Teach Growth Mindset to your teen

    Growth Mindset Parent Guide


    GRATITUDE:  The following link shares research on Gratitude


    EMOTION MANAGEMENT:  The following link is a short you tube video by Daniel Goleman on Mindfulness

     The following link will bring you to a short article on the brain and  emotional regulation How to teach kids about the brain

    PARENT-TEEN CONNECT: The following link brings you to the ParenTeen connect website designed to offer expert advice on how to manage issues around Independence, Communication, Responsibility and Screen time Parenteen Connect