Hyannis West Elementary Guidance Newsletter - November, 2017

a child asleep at night.

Guidance staff

A Good Night Sleep Is Very Important

  • Not getting enough sleep or not getting a good night sleep can affect a student’s academic, behavioral, social and emotional functioning. Establishing a regular bedtime routine is essential versus adhering to a set bedtime. Try some of these tips to help establish a consistent bedtime routine:

    • Establish the steps to get ready for bed
    • Establish what is needed to get ready for the next day
    • Establish regular parent-child conversation at bedtime (what happened today)
    • Read a bedtime story, sing a calming lullaby or song.
Recommended Sleep Duration

Using a Bedtime Chart is a great way for children to become more independent!

    • Pick up my things
    • Brush my teeth
    • Get a drink of water
    • Go to the bathroom
    • Wash my hands
    • Get my blanky and friends
    • Say goodnight to everyone
    • Get into bed and stay