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    The Title I Handbook is designed to provide you with basic information about the program in the Barnstable School District. We hope that it will help you to better understand Title I and the services it provides for our students. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Title I teacher and/or the Title I office.

    We can be reached at: 

    • Title I Office – 508-862-4953
    • Hyannis West Elementary – 508-790-6480
    • Barnstable United Elementary – 508-420-2272
    • Barnstable Community Innovation School – 508-790-6485

Title I Handbook

  • Barnstable Public Schools Title I Program - Requirements

  • What is Title I?

  • What Comprises the Title I Program in Barnstable?

  • How are Title I Services Provided?

  • How are the Schools Selected?

  • Title I Staff

  • Parents…Partners in Education

  • How are Children Selected for the Title I Program?

  • Can a Student Receive Both Title I and Chapter 766 (Special Education) Services?

  • How are Title I Services Assessed and Evaluated?

  • How Can I Find Out More About Title I?

  • Notification to Parents of Teacher Qualifications

  • Title I Staff and Programs