2017 Graduates

We congratulate these students who completed their high school education in August 2017
  • There were 42 students whom graduated in 2017 through Project Excel.  We congratulate and wish those students all the success in their future endeavors.  The above picture depicts the August graduates.

    August Graduates (from left to right)
    Fabian Fraser, Xavier Jones, Kelsey Lawrence, Sierra Beverly, Faizon Shepard, Tarah Mendes, Melissa Ferreira, Jessica Berry, Thiago Silva, Josue Machado-Guerra, Doug Tejada, Oliver Kuehne and Noor Malik (not pictured)

    June Graduates
    Grace Brennan, Max Cote, Hayley Fitzgerald, Theresa Garvey-Campbell, Kyle Gearin, Paulo Goncalves, Jason Houle, Jenna Hoxie, Antonio Irizarry, Alyssa Langdon, Hiury Lemos, Cheyenne Leon, Kendral Matthews-Goins, Hannah McNealy, Michael Menard, Elisa Perella-Theriault, Cassidy Preston, Alexis Rising, Kalela Rogers, Marilyn Romero,Tianna Romero-McLardy, Molly Rooney, Brittany Schilling, Rachel Simmons, Stephen Sousa, Lucy Teixeira, Danielle Thomas, Kai Todd

Yearly Graduation Stats