Family Involvement

  • Hyannis West Elementary School will support and provide opportunities for parents to participate in and become involved with their child’s academic programs in order to support student’s success and to improve the quality of our school. 

    Hyannis West Elementary School will:

    • Include a Family Involvement Goal in our annual School Improvement Plan. 

    • Distribute the Title I Handbook to all families annually via email. 

    • Offer opportunities for families to meet during the school year to provide information regarding the Title I program, curriculum, assessments, and proficiency level expectations. 

    • Involve families in the planning, implementation, and review of the Title I program, including the development and revision of the family involvement guidelines.

    • Jointly develop a Home-School Compact with families outlining the responsibilities of the student, teacher, and families in supporting students’ academic progress. 

    • Distribute a Family Survey at least 2x/year to collect data around school culture and how welcomed and respected our families feel. 

    In order to provide families with current and ongoing information, the following communication activities have been developed:

    • Hold a virtual Open House in the Fall that includes providing families with information on the Title I program and to explain the requirements and the rights of families. 

    • Invite families to attend a conference with their student’s teacher to learn about curriculum, instruction and intervention and to complete the Home-School Compact.

    • A Principal Newsletter will be emailed home to families weekly.  The newsletter will give general information on school activities and events and provide families with resources to support their student’s learning at home. There will be a Title I update included.  

    • Upcoming PTO events and resources to support families and students will be posted on a Hyannis West PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) Facebook page.  A PTO meeting will be held one time per month and all families will be invited to attend.  

    • A fun Title I Family Night will be scheduled and all families will be invited to attend. During the night families will be provided with Title I information.

    • The School website will contain a Title I section that contains a list of the Title I Staff, access to the Title I handbook, and the Home-School Compact. 

    • Translation services will be utilized to ensure that family communication is shared in our families’ native languages.

    Hyannis West Elementary School believes that families who are involved in their child’s education and who contribute to the improvement and enrichment of their student’s education are valuable assets. Every effort will be made to seek family engagement in the Title I program to ensure academic growth of our students.