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  • It’s important to come to school on time, every day!

    We use a positive approach to improving attendance by giving monthly attendance awards to all students who come to school every day, on time, each month! 

    This year, we are focusing on making sure students and families understand the importance of attending school on time. You may see an attendance letter come home, we may meet with your child to discuss the importance of arriving at school on time, or we may be making phone calls home. The goal is to collaborate with you to help reduce any barriers to getting to school on time, every day.

    If your child is going to be absent from school, please call (508) 790-6480, Ext. 133, to notify the school nurse. The School Nurse will call the parent/guardian any time the student is absent and no call or message has been received. We need to account for each student daily.

    An excused absence/tardy includes:

    • Documented illness or injury (by medical professional)
    • Bereavement/family funeral
    • Major religious or cultural observances 


    An unexcused absence/tardy includes:

    • Repetitive or chronic absence or tardiness due to illness or injury not documented by a doctor or other medical professional
    • Family vacations
    • Undocumented absences
    • Non-emergency family situations

  • Here are some advantages  to your child getting to school on time:

    • Students have more time to settle in to the classroom routine and help them to not feel rushed transitioning from home to school.
    • Your child gets any important information shared by the teacher and be able to complete morning work to help him or her be prepared for the school day!
    • Students are building good habits by arriving at school on time. It helps them to feel successful and important in the classroom!

    Please help your child continue to have a successful year by arriving on time, every day!