Work Permits During COVID 19

  • Barnstable Public School Students; Private School Students; and Student Summer Residents:

    1. Employment Permit Application forms (promise of employment forms) can be downloaded at Read, print, and complete the entire application (14-15 year olds must have a Doctor’s signature).

    2. Either email the filled out application to Newton Jordao or bring it into the Barnstable High School Main Office. We are available Monday-Friday (except Wednesday) from 7-2:50 pm. Please remember to wear your face masks.

    3. Non-Barnstable High School Students, please submit the following:
      1. Student name, address, hair color, eye color
      2. Employer name, complete address, and job title
      3. School name and grade of the student
      4. Scanned copy of the completed 2-page application with signatures
      5. Scanned copy of birth certificate and school picture ID card 

    4. Lastly, Mr. Jordao will input the information into the computer and print the Employment Permit which will require the student’s signature (signed in the presence of the issuing agent). The student will take the permit to the employer.